A Little Giant for Home Improvements

It has been estimated that 16 in every 1000 households undertake a major home improvement project each year. In 2001 alone, an estimated 13.6 billion was advanced in personal loans for home improvements, making it the third most popular reason for taking out loans. Unfortunately, while the numbers of residents looking to renovate, remodel, and improve their homes continues to increase, so does the number of accidents and injuries associated with those improvements.

It is vital to use all tools and equipment safely when carrying out home improvement projects, including both interior and exterior projects. Whether it’s a simple quick-fix or a major undertaking, using trustworthy tools and equipment is imperative for your safety and security. Little Giant Ladders creates all of their ladders and accessories with your safety in mind, which is seen in their complete compliance with OSHA ANSI A14.2 standards. Nothing is more important than trusting the equipment you are using, and with Little Giant you are guaranteed to feel completely safe while performing home improvement projects even while facing the following challenges.

Weight Capacity

When using any ladder, from a step ladder to an extension ladder, it is important to ensure that it is not being loaded beyond the weight capacity specified by the manufacturer. Little Giant Ladders are government-rated to hold up to 375 pounds but have survived stress testing of up to 1200 pounds with absolutely no structural failure. The incredible strength of each Little Giant Ladder is attributed to its make-up material, heavy wall, 6005-T5 aluminum, the very same material used in aerospace construction. Before using any ladder, make it a point to always check the weight limit. It is also important to note that the load capacity includes the weight of the person in addition to the weight of any materials they may be carrying.

Uneven Surface

When trying to get to those difficult areas located above an uneven surface, such as a staircase, it sometimes seems impossible to reach especially because traditional ladders are only built for use on stable and level surfaces. The Little Giant ladder is more than just another traditional ladder–it’s 24 ladders in one unique design. The Little Giant ladder is able to convert into a staircase ladder. Because each ladder is adjustable in one-foot increments, one side of the ladder is able to lengthen or shorten while the other side remains untouched. This allows for safe and secure use on stairs, curbs, or any other uneven surface.
Little Giant also produces an accessory called the Little Giant Leg Leveler which is an extra appendage that easily attaches to the ladder’s leg to provide better balance when working on unequal grounds. This ladder leveler is a safe and stable solution as it meets the same standards as each Little Giant ladder.