Apply for Permanent Residency before submitting an application for an investor visa canada

Program for Business Immigrants

Successful business people who are looking for new challenges and chances are welcomed in Canada and businesses are encouraged to apply for visas under a program called Business Immigration Program, as a business investor visa canada, you can expect assistance from the federal as well provincial or territorial governments.

To be eligible for the Start-up Business Class, follow the steps outlined in this handbook, please take the time to go over the explanations and steps outlined in the sections that follow.

Entrepreneurship 101: The Basics

In order for a new business to qualify as a start-up, it must be a new firm that intends to operate in Canada and has secured a commitment from:

An investor group and venture capital funds must confirm that they are investing at least $85,000 in a qualified business, and they must be joined by two or even more authorized angel investor groups that together invest at least $85,000 in such a business.

A Specified Person or Organization

This is a designated group of angel investors, a venture capital fund, or a business incubator that can issue commitments thru the Start-up Business school.

An Approved Organization

The following conditions must be met by a qualifying business:

In order to be considered a qualifying business, a company must be both incorporated in Canada and be actively operating at the time of the commitment:

At the time of the application of investor visa canada, each applicant possesses 10% or a greater percentage of the voting rights linked to all existing shares of the corporation, more than half of the voting rights linked to all of the company’s outstanding shares are held jointly by the applicants as well as the designated organization.

It is required that a company be in operation when making a commitment to the Start-up Business Class, for a firm whose formation is conditional on the applicant’s attainment of permanent residency, however, consideration will be given.


Commitment means the applicant and designated entity have agreed to create a qualified business in the state, a private sector business must be listed as the specified designated entity. The Commitment Certificate will be processed together with a term sheet or client agreement that serves as proof & details of this agreement.

Participant Who Meets the Requirements

If you were approved as a Start-up Business class applicant and have been awarded a permanent residency document.

A Crucial Player

One of the people who are valuable to the organization and who is named on the commitment credential as well as a letter of support and if an essential person’s application is denied for whatever reason, all subsequent applications for that person will be denied.

Certificate of Commitment

In addition to the term sheet and or client agreement, IRCC receives an electronic commitment from the authorized investor group or venture capital fund, a letter of recommendation, the applicant must submit this letter with their application.

How can I get copies certified?

Only those who are allowed to do so can authenticate copies

The applicants themselves, nor their parents, guardians, siblings, spouses, common-law partners, conjugal partners, grandparents, children, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, or first cousins, are permitted to certify copies.

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