Cedar Rapids car accident: The dos & don’ts

Traffic accidents are common on Iowa roads, and while we read about such things in the news all the time, dealing with the outcome of a mishap can be overwhelming. More often than not, people end up committing mistakes, which jeopardizes their ability to seek compensation. Iowa is a tort state, and therefore, if the other driver was responsible, you could file a claim. Below are the dos and don’ts you need to follow after getting injured in Cedar Rapids

The dos

  • Call 911. You need to make sure everyone is safe, as long as it doesn’t compromise your safety. Make sure that you call 911 from the scene, which will also alert the police. 
  • Check with a doctor. Even if you don’t think that you are severely hurt, make sure to check with the doctor. Always follow the treatment line as recommended. 
  • Move your car, if possible, and be safe. If your vehicle is blocking the traffic, move it to the side, as long as there are no hazards. 
  • Talk to other drivers. You need the contact and insurance of other drivers involved in the accident. This will come in handy to file a claim with their insurer. 
  • Check if there are witnesses to the scene. Witness testimonies come in handy to prove your claim and, therefore, gather the required info. 
  • Take pictures. If you have a smartphone, take as many pictures and videos of your injuries, damaged vehicles, road conditions, and everything around you. 
  • Call a lawyer. Find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in handling car accident claims. They can guide you through the process. 

The don’ts

  • Don’t admit fault. No matter your role in the mishap, don’t admit that you were wrong. Even apologizing to someone can go against you. 
  • Don’t engage in altercations. You have to be extremely cautious about how you talk to others at the scene. Avoid getting into arguments. 
  • Don’t ignore your injuries. Car accident injuries often surface much later, which is precisely why you must see a doctor right after. 
  • Don’t post on social media. It is best to refrain from posting anything on social media until the claim is resolved. The insurance company may use such things against you. 
  • Don’t run away from the scene. Even when an accident seems like a minor bump, don’t leave the scene and stay until the police arrive. 

Call an injury lawyer to find more details about Iowa laws.