Commonly used wordings and definitions in slot machine games

Slot Machine Glossary: Terminology and Definitions - Gambling Terms and  Slang

The online gambling industry is developing with time and there are multiples of inclusions in the name of advanced games every day. However, people are not fond of all the games available online. Gambling enthusiasts are sticking to the same small set of games that they are used to gamble with. One such game is the slot machine game. As the player need not study or do anything critical to play this game, this variety is popular even among beginner gamblers. However, knowing some of the commonly used wordings in slot games is vital for better gameplay situations. The following are some of these wordings to know before you jump into online slots. 

Commonly used wordings and definitions in slots

Classic slots – You could also say that these are the traditional slots. When the slot game was introduced, people were used to only three reels and one pay line. You could find this variety rarely in present-day casinos. You need not choose a pay line. All you should do is to choose a character and pray to get it below the fixed pay line. The winning probability would be slightly more. But the payout will be less compared to other slot varieties.

Coin size – You could say the bet amount of a slot machine game as the coin size. As the name suggests in slots, the physical slot machines would operate only by inserting coins for your bet. So, the betting size is known as the coin size. Since the online version is similar to the physical one, the name has come along. If the slot machine’s coin size is 5, you would have to buy five coins to play the game.  

Slot theme – In the past, people were used to playing a slot game with the same setup, background, and characters on the reels. As time gone fast, the casino houses tried something different to keep the slot players intrigued due to something apart from the game itself. So, they looked for some popular elements of the outside world and implemented them as a theme on the slot games. So, the players would get the feeling of playing a flavored game instead of a boring one. It is known as the slot theme. You could find various types of slot themes on these casinos.

Fixed jackpot – The name says it all. If the casino is having only a fixed jackpot system, there will be no alterations in the winning amount. Usually, winning a fixed jackpot would be easy.

Progressive jackpot – If the slot game contains a progressive jackpot, the size of the winning amount will not be stable and it will keep on increasing until anyone wins it. Usually, winning a progressive jackpot would be tedious.

Random Number Generator – RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It is a computer mechanism that brings characters, numbers, symbols, and all other elements on the computer or mobile screen when you play the games randomly.