Do Betting Systems Ever Work?

Millions of dollars are being spent on internet advertising expounding how you could become a millionaire overnight by following tried and tested methods in gambling systems. Many more millions are lost by the gullible gamers that believe the promise of instant riches to venture into real and online casinos, flaunting their heavy bank rolls, which they are more likely than not, going leave at the casinos. The casino odds are always stacked against you, and they live on the ‘edge’ that is built into the system to protect their interests and gain them their profits. It is a fallacy that you can beat the ‘edge’. Moreover, some common sense thinking should answer the question on why any Tom, Dick or Harry or a shady website in the internet on an eBay auction should teach you how to rake in $10,000 a night when the secret could have best benefited the storyteller himself.

Day by day, these advertisers are becoming bolder with their versions on how to break the casino system and leave you with a seven figure bank balance. It is a parody that such people are trying to sell their expertise on making tons of money when they could themselves use these tips to amass wealth. It is better to face the ultimate truth. No betting system, however religiously you want to try to believe in it, can dent a ‘house edge’. Do not credit the roulette balls and the craps’ dice with the myth of possessing emotion and intelligence. Every throw is a fresh experience with totally new results – just a game of shear chance. Despite all this it is so depressing to see the fervor of the believers who are repeatedly testing their wretched luck against the casino odds, which, from time immemorial, has stood the test of time and challenge.

Having struck a highly pessimistic note on the betting systems that promise so much and deliver so little, it may be said in general that only some blackjack systems have a reasonably probable / possible scenario of winning, and that too, attributable to a close memory of the past play coupled with a skilled and experienced player’s ability to count cards.

Among the myriads of betting systems that promise the heavens, let us review at least a few for the opportunity to study what they offer in terms of miracle money.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

Considered gambling’s greatest myth, it imagines an event which has not yet happened, but is overdue to occur any time now. This has encouraged several system designers to claim fantastic results by betting against the tide.