Injured At A Gym? You May Need An Attorney

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Gyms and fitness centers can be more dangerous than people can even realize. Heavy objects can cause severe injuries and can result in sudden health issues that may need immediate medical attention. Some situations can be brought up by the individual’s own negligence, while some can be negligence of the fitness center. 


If you are injured in a gym, you can claim compensation. Contact Groth & Associates to hire an attorney who will review your case, determine whether the fitness center is liable, and help you comprehend your options. 


Injured at a gym? You may need an attorney.


Just like any other private property, a gym fitness owner should also ensure that the gym facilities are safe for their guests and members. Gyms have an obligation to address dangerous conditions that can lead to slips and falls or other accidents. The gym can be held liable for the injuries you sustained from the following conditions.


  1. Unsafe stairs
  2. Unsafe parking lots or sidewalks
  3. Wet floors
  4. Broken or torn flooring
  5. Losing missing handrails.


Gym owners are obligated to confirm that the gym equipment is safe to use by their members. Serious injuries can take place due to the following reasons.


  1. Broken or missing safety features on machines
  2. Broken handles on machines
  3. Cables that snap due to heavy load
  4. Malfunctioning treadmills


Whatever the reason, you can receive compensation if you are seriously injured. Your lawyer will work with you, assess your claim, and help you get the deserved compensation.


Gyms and product liability


Not every accident occurs due to the negligence of the gym owner. Treadmills, machines, and other equipment can suddenly stop working without warning; even the manager inspects every piece of equipment. In such a case, the accident can be caused due to defective equipment. 


Under product liability, gym equipment manufacturers and companies can be held liable if the person can prove that the products were defective. It does not mean that the equipment was damaged–a damaged product is one that is unsafe for use. 


Other causes of injury


There are other ways by which fitness centers are not able to keep their guests and members safe. Some of them are mentioned below.


  1. Failure to warn guests of potential hazards.
  2. Failure to instruct guests about the working of each type of equipment
  3. Personal trainers push trainees beyond their limits and abilities.
  4. Failure to keep first aid on site in working order.