Knowing more about free slots

Free slots - Choice is yours, you want to play free slots or not

In most instances, any slot machine online that you can be able to imagine has a free version of the same. A notable exception is the game for progressive jackpot. That is due to the fact of the way the progressive jackpot increases using a small percentage for each of the bet in fueling it, it is impossible to be able to offer a free version สล็อต game of the same.

The following is a list of some of the various types of free slots that you can be able to imagine of while playing online, along with a small explanation of the same:

Slots for 3-reel

They are traditional slot machines that have 3 reels for spinning and normally a single pay-line. The 3-reel slots normally have the best percentage for payback in the casino but they can seem to be quite dull when you start to compare them to some of the other games which are readily available.

5-reel slots

They are games which have 5 reels and various pay lines.  They are known to feature all types of decorations such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus games.

Video slots

The entire online slot games video by default including the 3-reels. It is a phrase that is utilized in describing a slot machine which is played on a computer monitor of some sorts,  with spinning reels which are animated instead of the real mechanical reels.

3D slots

They are video slots which have 3D sound and images effects with some of the most interesting games visually nowadays being the 3D slots.

Story based slots

The games which feature some sort of plotline and theme and they are becoming quite popular with time.

The following are some of the common free games for slot machine that you can easily play online

Fruit frenzy

It is one of the most popular slot machine game from the inception of the online slot machine games. There were times when the slot machine games were illegal and fruits were dispensed instead of real money.

Nice or the naughty

It is an RTG game which is more of Christmas themed game that has 5 reels and about 50 pay lines. The slot machine symbols include Reindeers, Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus. You are likely going to enjoy the holiday themed slot machine generally and the naughty or nice games in particular.

The big bopper

It is an RTG game and even though the producers are not known for slot machine which is licensed, this is among their few which are licensed. Licensing costs money and with RTG providing some of the cheapest games, they avoid going for the expense of producing licensed games with big bopper being an exception.

The RTG might not be in a position to afford some of the too popular licensed games. With the big bopper, it is an oldie that is quite popular with the famous song of the Chantilly Lace. It is a great song and it is also great slot machine game.