Long distance love Survival Guide.

Most likely at least once in your life it happened to you. It can turn out to be the best experience of your life . As long as you know how to handle it right. We are talking about a …

Long distance relationship

It can be 2 hours by car, 500 kilometers by train or in some cases even oceans away .


A long-distance relationship in https://www.topincontrigay.com, if managed in the right way, can be a wonderful path to build together with your partner.

We want to give you 6 tips to better manage a long-distance relationship and to fully live it.

1 – Nostalgia is good. But do not exaggerate.

Feeling the physical lack of the other is normal and very right, but be careful not to overdo it . Making your partner understand that you are there and that you have a crazy desire to hug or hug her is a way to cement the couple and increase the strength of feelings. In short, nostalgia makes the bond stronger, but on the other hand it can make things more complicated if exasperated. Be nostalgic, but the right !

2 – The agenda will be your best friend

Long-distance love is made up of phases: the moment you are apart and the magical moment you meet again. The spark bursts, love and eros are rekindled and you would like to spend your entire life together , reliving that ecstatic moment. But to fully experience these moments, you’ll need to become a calendar wizard . Parties, holidays, bridges and weekends will become your best friends and you will find yourself framing days and calculating hours for travel. To fully experience the moments you are together, you will need to plan and organize the days per second.

3 – Don’t be afraid to write to him

Communicating becomes very important in a long-distance relationship. This is why hearing and constantly comparing yourself with your partner is the best thing. Attention, we are not saying that you have to become addicted to chats and video calls: you have to talk to each other when you feel it . This will make your relationship stronger and stronger over time, without creating addiction.

4 – Watch out for expenses

Alas it’s a painful point, but in a long-distance relationship you always have to be careful with your wallet . Seeing your sweetheart will inevitably mean spending : you will therefore have to pay attention to the budget for your expenses and for everyday life, in order to then have the right availability for when you live your moments as a couple.

5 – Never argue on the phone

One of the most common mistakes and perhaps the one that more than others manages to destroy long-distance relationships . Arguing over the phone generates misunderstandings, gives little room for comparison and makes it more difficult to solve the problem ( or problems). If you have any doubts or problems, never anticipate it to your partner (if it’s something serious), but postpone the discussion until you see each other . Confronting one another, looking into each other’s eyes, is great for the couple because it will put you in front of the comparison and will allow you to solve problems together , like a real couple.

6 – Do some madness

Haven’t you planned anything for the weekend? Take the car and I ran to her ! Have you chosen a quiet dinner at home? Change all your plans and organize a trip out of town on the fly . As with any couple, doing a little bit of splurge every now and then makes the relationship more sparkling , more colorful, and you will show that you really care.

If it is true love, you will be able to overcome any difficulty .

Nothing will be able to contrast between you and your love, because you will be together , united, ready to face any problem.

But if something doesn’t work …

If difficulties are always around the corner, perhaps he is not the right person .

So what to do if your partner isn’t the perfect person for you ?

If he or she has failed to win your heart, there is one more thing you can try …

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