Some fun facts about online gambling

We all love gambling! It’s fun, there’s a thrill, risk and there are rewards! We can earn a lot of money, and we can also additionally meet new people and associate with them on an online platform.  It is one of the growing industries, and people seem to love it. But do you know there are some entertaining facts about online gambling? While the list was long, we decided to bring you five of the best fun facts about gambling. Give them a read and let us know what you think about them.

  1. Online gambling is a significant entertainment platform

It might come as a surprise, but many teenagers and adults play online gambling. Most of these are harmless and completely free, but it is still gambling. It ideally branched from the age-old practice of card games for entertainment. Nowadays, many people log online and play games like poker and blackjack with online friends to entertain themselves and hang out to relax. We’ve all been there, and we all know how to play some cards for entertainment. But of course, people also visit agen sbobettype sites for that premium kind of fun.

  1. There are over 2000 internet gambling websites

That is the statistic for actual legal and registered gambling websites. The industry has witnessed rapid growth since 2003, and it has grown exponentially after the smartphone revolution. These websites, like agen sbobet,are usually very secure. The safe to play and transaction environment makes them appealing.

  1. Lotteries and Jackpots are more popular than actual gambling

That’s right, folks! People go to online gambling sites to try their luck to win lotteries and jackpots. They do not seek to play the games as much, because the lotteries and prizes are very enticing and rewards are enormous. Even other websites and companies use lotteries and jackpots as a method of promotion and everyone likes to win big with minor investment anyway.

  1. You can’t cheat online gambling

You cannot count cards in online gambling. Most of the gambling websites work on the mechanism similar to the random number generator. In other words, even the site owners do not know who the winner will be. There are no chances of rigging or cheating the system. If anything, there might be an algorithm which makes the players lose more than win, but virtually there is no real scope of cheating in an online platform, nice, right?

  1. Majority of players are over 30 years’ old men

Many countries which legalized online gambling still have age-restriction, but these restrictions are not that farfetched. You can gamble once you turn over 21 years old. However, the majority of players in the online website platform is 30 years old men. At any given the time of day, there are 11% of the total numbers of worldwide gamblers online. That number is strange, right? Considering that the gambling industry is growing 11% each year. Funny, right? There are, of course, women who gamble, but the number is around 16% of the total population in gambling. These people also spend at average around 5 hours a day on gambling, very easily.