The Benefits of Running SAP® in a Cloud Solution

If you don’t know the difference between SAP ECC and SAP HANA, don’t worry, all you need to know is that running SAP in a Cloud based solution (public, private, or hybrid) can offer tremendous benefits to  your SAP performance and overall TCO of your ERP environment. In a vast majority of cases, when a company transitions to cloud hosted solutions, they experience exponential growth in productivity and efficiency. But that’s not all. Here are some more benefits running SAP in the Cloud.

Integration of Systems

One of the most common benefits customers cite when running SAP in the Cloud is the ability to integrate the various systems they need to have available to them. It could be as simple as an order placement system or a complex array of client data, behavior patterns and time to final decision; it’s all right there at the client’s disposal.

Always Cutting Edge

An enterprise might not always be able to upgrade when new technologies become available or when their older system begins to show signs of being dated. With SAP is hosted in a Cloud Based environment companies of all sizes have access to cutting edge technologies without the need to invest in additional hardware requiring an additional budget approval and not to mention ongoing maintenance. This gives those companies a distinctive edge over competitors; especially ones that haven’t yet switched to a Cloud based solution.


With SAP cloud-based resources, companies can pick and choose resources they want to use without paying for resources they don’t currently have a need for. There’s no need to buy into package deals where half the capacity is not being used. The flexibility with a SAP Cloud based solution extends to where the company can instantly upgrade—often within hours—to additional resource capacity they may have a sudden requirement for.  This allows for faster “time to market” parameters that give companies the rapid solutions they need to stay ahead of the competition.


Companies that run their SAP system in the Cloud have access to dedicated and expert support without having the need to provide office space or hire their own in-house IT techs. Remote support is part of the service offerings, and it consists of 24/7 service, available in minutes rather than days or weeks. No service “calls” are needed. Support is literally at the end of a live connection, day or night.

The productive and agile environment of running SAP in the Cloud is uncompromisingly the best solution for companies of all sizes, Whether you’re looking for a way to keep up with larger companies or simply trying to find a way to introduce efficiency  to your critical SAP landscape, it’s worth it to consider these enormous benefits a Cloud based solution has to offer.

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