The Perfect Shag Cuts Are Now In Vogue And Here To Stay For Good

What has been old is likely to come back as new trend and the same goes with haircuts as well. Claw clips are now considered to be chic and even the scrunchies are quite in vogue. Even the 70’s shag haircut is back on the red carpet. Even the shag cut is framing the faces of some of the A listing Hollywood stars. If this is your first time going for such a haircut, you might want to catch up with the pros from for help. Here, you will get a glimpse of the type of shag cuts, which are making it at the top of the hair cutting list for now. These styles are here to stay for sure.

Going for the choppy shag:

If you have a naturally curly hair, then the shaggy cut is going to present you with a gorgeous volume, definition and texture. There is a trick to keep these bangs from looking way too heavy. There will be multiple rows of the asymmetrical and choppy layers, which can lengthen the face around for sure. In case you want it, you can have the heavily banged shag look as well. It is the most classic interpretation of the shag design for sure, which will take traditional thick bangs and make the quite modern by keeping rest of hair glossy, softly waved and smooth.

Now for the curly shag:

There is no need to be afraid of the curly bangs for sure. Just take a quick look at the A-listers and their incredible gorgeous shags to change your mind for good. These bangs are fully wearable and on two conditions. You have to keep them long and even layered to avoid them making too heavy.  For that added curliness, you can easily dry the shag with diffuser and then use a curl defining cream.