Understanding the slot machine language

What is an online slot machine game?

There are countless games available in both physical and online casinos. A physical casino has some restrictions on the number of games because of the cost of the equipment. However, online casinos like สล็อต xo will not have any overhead restrictions and hence, they provide a variety of games. One of these games is the slot machine game that is more popular among players around the world. Slot games are all about guessing a character to come up in the same row for the required number of times. There will be several reels and pay lines based on the type of slot game. You can find slot games with a slight difference as below,

Reel slots – It will consist of three reels and one pay line

Video slots – These slots will have at least five slots and a minimum of nine pay lines. Some machines will have hundreds of pay lines also.

Progressive slots – In these slots, your Jackpot amount will be increasing over time. 

Likewise, you can choose your preferred type of game and play. The betting requirements and payout percentages will vary with each type of slot game, and it is advisable to know them before choosing the game. In this article, let us discuss some terms in slot machine games.

Getting started with slot machine language

Fixed Jackpot – Jackpot is a bulk prize amount given for the player who guesses the right combination of characters during the slot games. If the Jackpot remains constant in a slot game unlike progressive slots, it is known as a fixed Jackpot. 

Progressive Jackpot – It is the direct opposite of a fixed Jackpot game. In this type of slot game, the Jackpot amount will be increasing consistently until a person gets the right combination on the reels. As the players are joining the slot games in these casinos, a small portion of their bet amount will add on to the Jackpot. Since it is expanding consistently, it is known as progressive Jackpot. 

Hold percentage – It can be on the contrary to RTP. It will define the percent of the amount you wager that will go to the casino house. If you are wagering $50 and the hold percentage is two percentage, then you will lose $1. 

Return to Player – When hold percentage adds money to the house, RTP is beneficial for the players. It is the percentage of the wagered amount that you will earn back by playing for a while. If the RTP is 97 percent and you have wagered $100, you will get $97 back in the long run. Players will look for games that will offer a higher RTP.

Hit and Run – As the name suggests, it is an act of stopping your play after a few quick wins to increase your profitability. 

Loose slot – If a slot machine returns you a higher payout percentage, it is known as a Loose slot. You will get more profits than any other slot games.