Ways to make your SEO result oriented and get ahead of competitors

The SERP stands for search engine results pages, and the work of using this is the shows the pages to a user when they need to solve a problem. The user types a query into a search engine for a solution such as other people type in Google.  Do you know in which platform SERPs used most? The search engine results pages are most vital to any business which represents a site on the online platform.

 The higher in SERP’ of your business shows, you will get more potential customers, and more will find you. There are so many benefits of checking rank on google serp rank checker. Even with the application of free word counter, you will fill out the website with right number of words. If you want to know more about it, then have a look at the points which are mentioned below.

To spot keywords

The very first benefits of using search engine results pages are that it helps you to identify the keywords. Maybe there is a keyword in your function which you have unnoticed and you don’t include on your website.

In this situation, the SERP checker tool will ensign that keyword and helps you show the difficulty of ranking for said keyword. With the help of these keyword position checkers, you can check out what people are searching for. You can quickly answer them more methodically than your competitor.

Helps to analyze competitor

The search engine result pages tools are also helpful for the online businessman to understand and analyze competitors.  When you use a tool checker, it will show you that from where the traffic of their site comes most and from which keywords are working best for them.

If you are in search of a tool that helps you to find out your best keyword, then you must go with google serp rank checker. The checker tool also helps you to see from where the competitors of your websites are getting back-links and also shows you a way about where to get yours. Accordingly you can also opt for free word counter online, in order to make sure that your site have the right number of words.


Do you know the searches are location-specific? The searches are location precise. You can be the first in one region, not in all others. There is a considerable thing for all business presence on the internet is that you have to develop your SEO strategy. If you want clients who can find you from another region and country, you have to develop your strategies first; without SEO developing, you can’t be one in other countries.

There is only one way from which you can find out or can analyze the best keywords in SERP. The search engine result pages will help you to analyze which keywords are suitable for your business and for the regions in which you have to serve your services. This is the only way from which you can attain more potential customers from other countries and also can beat the competitors too.

If you are a businessman and also having a site on the internet, then it is essential for you to have a free online word count tool. It is one of the best sources for your growth, not only in one region.