What Happens After Rehab?  

After rehab in Delray Beach, Florida, you may be wondering, what’s next? You may have mixed emotions about leaving rehab and returning to your everyday life. There may be questions in your head about how well you’ll be able to adapt. This guide will prove to be handy as you leave rehab and go back to your “regular” life.

Follow Up Care

If you were an in-patient at the rehab in Delray Beach, you can convert to outpatient care. This means that you would receive follow up care, but you would be living in your regular home instead of at the rehab center. Follow up care visits would occur much like a doctor visit, except more frequently. You might have follow up care visits once or twice a week, depending on what you and your counselor decide is best for your needs. During these visits, your counselor will offer advice and tips about how to handle particular situations that you may encounter.

Curiosity From Family or Friends

Many people who go to rehab choose to keep this episode in their lives private. However, if you shared your decision to go to rehab with family or friends, it’s likely they’ll be curious about your experience after you leave rehab. They may pepper you with awkward questions at every opportunity. Try to remember that they don’t mean to pester; it’s just natural curiosity. At the same time, you don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to. Sometimes a simple comment like, “I’m trying to think in terms of the future instead of the past,” will be enough to make them understand you don’t want to talk about. Otherwise, you might have to just tell them outright that it’s a private matter you don’t wish to discuss with them.

Making New Friends

A vast majority of rehab patients have had to make the painful choice to severe relationships with toxic individuals in their lives. This is often a necessary action for freedom from addictions. But there is a hole left behind that you’ll have to fill by making new friends. You’ll need to make a concerted effort to meet new people who will exert a positive influence on your life instead of a negative influence. This may be harder than you think, but if you need ideas on how to do it, or support around the process, your rehab counselor will help you.

Your work doesn’t end when you leave through the doors of your rehab facility. Long-term freedom from addictions is a journey that continues after you leave rehab. Just think positively and know that you can do it. For more information about life after rehab, speak to your rehab counselor.