What made people choose Call of Duty: Warzone over other games?

Call of Duty: Warzone to challenge battle royale rivals - BBC News

Call of duty: warzone is a game with so many unique features in it. This game has taken a revolution in the battle game industry. People love this game, and they are loving to play it as they are getting satisfaction by playing it. This game has high-quality graphics, and the maps and modes of this game are above the sky. You will have next-level experience in playing this game. There so many factors which are making this game different from others, and this game is taking place in the heart of people.

Along with the factors, there are tips also which should be considered while playing this game. You will get these tips on the web, and in the upcoming edition of this game, you will get it in the game itself. Cold war cheats will also be there in the game, and you need not find them on the web. Let’s discuss everything about this game, which makes it better.


  • You should drop on your favourable map as it will be helpful for you to grow and build confidence, plus you will learn more if you start from the basic. You should not drop on a crowded map as you will be killed very soon on that map.
  • You should collect every equipment that you will find on the map as this will be very helpful in future for you. Plus, with good equipment, you can kill more players, and you will be promoted speedily.


  • There are two types of maps in this game, the first one is verdansk, which is the map of a city, and it is based on a real-life city. This is a basic map of a city which you will find in the beginning. There are buildings and military base in this, map and in modern warfare six, it has a variant of black mode. The next one is the map of an island named Rebirth island. This is the map of an island, and it is based on a real-life map of an island. Only 40 people can play at a time on this map.
  • There are so many types of equipments in this game. You will start the game with an X-16 pistol, and you will get shields also to protect yourself at a particular stage. You can also pick the equipments of your rivals, and you can buy them with the in-game currency.
  • Cheats and hacks are also beneficial things that you can use to make your game easy and find your opponents more conveniently. You can find these cheats and hacks on the web.


To sum up, we conclude that there are some of the tips and factors which makes this game special and different from other games, and you should go through them before playing this game. Some of the tips discussed above are, we should drop on our favourable map, we should collect the equipments and the factors discussed above are the kind of maps and equipments in the game and about the importance of cheats and hacks in the game.