10 Types of Procedures You Can Get in a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover | Portland | The Waldorf Center for Plastic SurgeryA Mommy makeover surgery Miami combines procedures designed to help mothers restore their pre-pregnancy appearance. This can include anything from breast augmentation to tummy tucks. If you’re interested in getting a mommy makeover, you must understand the different types of available procedures. This blog post will discuss ten standard procedures performed as part of a mommy makeover in Miami.

Ten Types of Procedures in a Mommy Makeover

Were you seeking to improve your post-baby body through a Mommy Makeover? Here are ten procedures that can be included in this life-changing surgery.

  • Breast Enlargement:

This is to restore lost volume in the breasts and create a lifted appearance. Incisions can be made around the areola, in the armpit, or below the breast crease. Silicone or saline implants can be placed above or below the muscle.

  • A Breast Uplift

Also known as mastopexy, this procedure removes excess skin and lifts the breasts. It repositions the areola and nipple and can be done with or without implants. 

  • Reduced Breast Size:

A breast reduction can help alleviate back and neck pain for women with large, heavy breasts. The surgeon will remove excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue and reposition the nipple. 

  • Tummy Tuck:

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, tightens the stomach muscles and removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen. This is ideal for women who have stretched abdominal muscles from pregnancy or loose skin after significant weight loss. 

  • Liposuction:

Common areas for liposuction include the thighs, buttocks, hips, love handles, “saddlebags,” abdomen, back, arms, and neck. This procedure can be done alone or with other surgeries, such as a tummy tuck. 

  • Labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty reduces enlarged or asymmetrical outer labia by trimming away excess tissue. Inner labia can also be reduced if they are causing discomfort during intercourse or everyday activities such as biking or horseback riding. 

  • Vaginoplasty:

Vaginoplasty is also known as vaginal rejuvenation or tightening of the vagina. It involves the removal of excess skin from the vaginal opening and tightening vaginal muscles that may have been stretched from childbirth. As with labiaplasty, this can increase sexual satisfaction for both partners by improving friction during intercourse. 

  • Clitoral Hood Reduction:

Like labiaplasty, this involves the removal of excess skin from around the clitoris to reduce irritation and increase sensation during sex.

  • Fat Grafting:

Fat grafting adds volume to areas that may have been deflated by age or pregnancy, such as the cheeks, lips, hands, buttocks, and breasts. It can also improve scars such as those from a C-section.

  • Buttock Augmentation:

Buttock augmentation, or a Brazilian butt lift, adds volume to the buttocks with fat grafting or implants. This procedure can also improve the shape and symmetry of the buttocks.


Many procedures can be performed as part of a mommy makeover. You must speak with your surgeon to determine which procedures will best help you achieve your desired results. Remember, every mother is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. But with the help of an experienced surgeon, you can rest assured that you’ll be on your way to achieving the beautiful, post-pregnancy body you’ve always wanted.​

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