12 Positive Reasons to Reduce Your Cost To Talk Using IOVC Technology

There are many positive reasons for professionals and small businesses to switch from your current standard phone service and switch to a voice over internet protocol phone based service.

1. Instant phone number when you are new to business. You can within a few minutes of signup have an instant phone number for your business because you can use this VOIP service with your existing phones PC or virtual digital line.

2. The free VoIP “modem” is delivered direct to your home or place of business.

3. Most have these services as standard with the initial VOIP installation. : VoiceMail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Conferencing, Call Forward, Repeat Dialing, Call Block, unlimited calling (local and LD).

4. There are no costs for incoming calls from anywhere.

5. With VoIP in North America, just about all plans re fixed and extremely competitive.

6. You will not need a computer to make this work; you can just plug a standard phone cable from the VoIP box to your regular desktop phone or portable base station.

7. For house wide service, after you disconnect your traditional phone service, you can use your house’s internal phone wiring and just plug the VoIP modem into any existing wall jack.

8. Virtual Phone Numbers: imagine you can be in business in Puerto Rico or Atlanta in the click of a button.

9. There are now low to no cost 800 Numbers which never happened with traditional phone service.

10. Some include a system called find me that finds you when you don’t answer your normal line.

11. And for traveling you can take your home or office “phone” with you when you travel and plug into your laptop at the hotel.

12. All things considered, the cost is usually about 40 to 90 percent cheaper depending on your existing phone service. The amount of cost reduction can be phenomenal.

IOVC strategy and technology recommends these virtual phone systems for all small business owners because it allows you to be setup in minutes, Technically it’s a snap because these virtual phone systems deliver all the power of a big company system but with no hardware to buy and can usually nothing to maintain. IOVC voice over internet protocol systems are an ideal telecommunications solution for mobile professionals, home offices and small companies.