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3 Vital Reasons Why You Should Buy Health Insurance at an Early Age

Although you are healthy in your twenties, there is no surety of enjoying this good health in your late thirties. Please don’t take me wrong. My intention is here to help you get prepared for the future financial crisis raised due to the sudden medical expenses. Are you ready for them? A disease can attack you anytime without giving you any prior warning. Get individual health insurance and protect you against the speedy rising hospital bills. With this coverage, you will have a viable source to assist your family stand confidently in bad times. Here are few reasons why you should buy a health policy for yourself before it gets too late for you.

1. Buying Health Cover at Early Age Saves You Money – Remember, the younger you are, the lower plan premium you will have to pay to your insurer. The price of the individual health insurance policies majorly depends on the age of the insured. You can see a steep jump in the premium slab post after the age of 30. For example, when you are 25 years old and decide to buy a policy of 5 lakh – sum insured, you have to pay only approximately 5000 per person. However, if you do the same after the age 35, you might have to pay much more even with no extra health benefits.

2. Lifestyle Changes Have Increased Illnesses – Today, like many money-minded people, we typically keep busy in grooming your career, so it directly results in leaving bad effects on our health. Junk food items, unbalanced diet and heavy consumption of beverages like tea and coffee are the major reasons why we are now more prone to various health problems like cholesterol, diabetes, and heart diseases as compared to the earlier times. Stress-related hypertension hits many corporate people today and leaves no choice for them, but having regular medicines to help them overcome the problem. With the purchase of an individual health insurance plan on time, you might also get an opportunity to use the annual health check-up program. This would help to get you aware of any serious disease before it gets worse.

3. Buying Group Health Insurance Is Not Enough for You – The urgent need of the health insurance can’t be overlooked in a world where the cost of medical expenses increases faster than the prices of the useful groceries. With your company’s coverage, it’s not possible to take care of all the hospital expenses especially the bills created during your frequent clinic’s visit at an older stage.

Deepak K. Sehrawat is an author who has extensive knowledge about insurance industry. He typically loves to write and inform people about different aspects of Cashless Mediclaim Policy. The author has also vast experience of writing on Compare Health Insurance Policy for the sake of online readers.