Cannabis Light and Driving : Is it Feasible ?

One of the questions we are most often asked by “new” Cannabis Light users, or those who are transitioning from cannabis purchased (unfortunately!) on the black market, to legal products, is whether or not you can drive if you use Cannabis light .

Given the frequency of this question, we wanted to answer it using the proper space on our blog. We recommend that you carefully read this mini-guide to such a hot topic, because at the end you will know exactly how you should behave following the intake of legal cannabis products. Happy reading!

Cannabis light: can you drive under the Influence ?

For some time now, Cannabis light has become totally legal on Italian soil, so much so that it is regularly sold in numerous outlets scattered around the Peninsula, and on some well-known websites.

Consumers of Cannabis Light over the years have become very many indeed, of all age groups (but, we reiterate, the product must be exclusively sold to individuals 18 years of age or older), who choose to make use of this substance for the most varied reasons and in complete serenity, given and considering that the product legally sold is low in psychotropic substances.

But the question that plagues consumers is, “Can I drive if I use Cannabis Light?” “Do I risk testing positive in a urine test if I consume Legal Marijuana?”, “Do I risk a suspension of my license?”.

So let’s get some clarity on the topic by looking at the regulations on Cannabis Light consumption and its health effects.

Driving and use of Cannabis Light: the legal doubt


The question “Can I drive if I use Cannabis Light?” unfortunately, still has no sure answer from a legal point of view.

However, the cases that have emerged in recent months can help find a solution to this very legitimate doubt, and the objective of the next few lines is precisely to try to understand how to relate in a more balanced way to this issue, without resorting to excesses, on the one hand (to stop using Cannabis Light) or on the other hand (“not giving a damn” about the use of these products).

As we know, Cannabis light, also called “legal cannabis,” must by law have a THC (psychoactive substance found in Cannabis sativa) concentration of less than 0.6 percent. Therefore, a product that has an amount of THC no higher than this level does not lead to psychotropic effects on the brain, does not alter the cognition of time and space or even the perception of reality of those who use it.

Growers, therefore, reassure users: given the low amount of THC present in it, the consumption of Cannabis light does not lead individuals to test positive in urine tests, let alone have serious problems while driving.

However, it is not possible to say that there is no risk of being “intercepted,” that is, Cannabis light consumption does not show up on a test, as the test result depends on each subject’s metabolism.

In fact, 0.6 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol contained in one gram of Cannabis with a concentration of 0.6 percent can lead the subject to test positive in the urine test (whose legal limit is 50 mg/ml!). It is necessary to consider, however, that testing positive on a urine test is not synonymous with guilt: according to the Supreme Court, a urine or blood test is not sufficient to establish a subject’s guilt related to the crime of driving under the influence of drugs, as the subject may have used drugs in the previous days.

In this case, a gas chromatography or mass spectrometry test will be necessary to validate the subject’s guilt.

How to take Cannabis light while avoiding any risk?

Cannabis light consumption, although considered completely legal from a legislative standpoint, can still result in “false positive” results on drug tests. How to guard against these risks?

Well, to the question “Can I drive if I use Cannabis Light?”, the answer is “Yes,” although some precautions must be taken.

First, it is advisable to be careful about the hemp products you consume, in order to choose those with the lowest possible percentage of psychotropic components, such as those you can find in our shop.

Secondly, you should remember to always keep the receipt and certificate of the Cannabis light products that you have consumed, so that you can prove their legality to Law Enforcement.

Subject to these small precautions, one can start consuming Cannabis light, or continue its use, without the fear of being subjected to a Law Enforcement inspection. In fact, in case of a positive test, it will be sufficient to show the documentation summarized above in order to be able to justify any positivity, which in any case is not probable or obvious.