China Blue / The Strive for the Perfect Wardrobe

I bought this skort months ago after being the lucky winner of a £150 gift card to spend at River Island, and this is the first time I’ve finally worn it. I didn’t want to waste it on a simple black or white top, so I waited until the perfect blue pairing cropped up and luckily for me, this wonderful New Look boxy tee landed in my life and they are perfect together. 

Re-vamping my wardrobe is a life-long thing for me and I’ve been at it for years already. Anytime I get new clothes, be it buying them, being given them, generally accumulating them – it’s always a task that I take serious thought in to. 

I’ve been obsessed with the whole ‘capsule’ idea since I was young and watched ‘How To Look Good Naked’, I’m sure you all remember Gok Wan and his trademark Oliver Peoples sunglasses banging on about the importance and brilliance of a capsule wardrobe, and he’s definitely onto something there.

Since then, whenever I’ve bought something, I have to really need it (or my wardrobe has to really need it) and unless I can style it in my mind with multiple items in my wardrobe before hitting checkout, I don’t get it. We all buy all these pretty things because we like them, but how many of you (and how many times) have got home after picking up lust-worthy items, hung them in your wardrobe and completely forgotten about them because they’re just totally impractical or go with absolutely nothing you already own? It’s a ‘first world problem’ for sure. 

I’m quite sensible these days (thanks to my very financially-tight mother, whose trait has apparently slightly rubbed off on me!) so if I don’t need it I don’t buy it, and I think that’s a trait so many others need to learn. 

Having the perfect wardrobe isn’t necessarily about beautiful individual pieces (especially ones that you will never do anything with), but creating your own perfect capsule. Buying versatile items will guarantee you a fair few different outfits in itself, and creating your perfect capsule allows you to never be that dreaded ‘outfit repeater’ – and personally, re-working old things in your closet is just as exciting (sort of) as buying new, especially pieces that you really love!  Long story short, that’s what the blue top was about for me when I picked it up…. I baffled slightly….

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