Different Types of Automatic Gate System – What Are They?

Automatic Gates is the perfect solution for commercial and residential properties, however they are not without their problems. Unfortunately, many businesses and homeowners have become aware of the fact that automatic gates can be vulnerable to damage. Some of the more common issues include malfunctioning automatic gate system, keypad failure, and false alarms. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your automatic gate system, it is recommended that you contact a professional game company as soon as possible for a replacement or repair to take place.

In order to understand why automatic gate system components can be susceptible to malfunctioning, it is necessary to first identify the function of each component. Basically, any piece of equipment which is used to open and close a gate is at the heart of an automatic gate system. It is vital to remember that these security devices are designed to secure property and protect personnel. Legally, however, these have to allow individuals to exit free and if the system fails, people need to be able to exit the property safely.

There are two main types of automated gates, which include pressure mounted and manual entry devices. Pressure mounted gate systems use a spring-tension system to secure the gate with the help of pressure contacts. Manual entry systems are controlled by a push button or dial. Generally, most manual gate systems are relatively easy to repair. However, automatic gate systems which do not use springs can prove to be more problematic and it is therefore recommended that you engage the services of a professional game company in order to determine the exact cause of the problem and make the necessary changes. For minor problems which can still allow an individual to leave the property, such as for instance, when a gate malfunctions simply by pulling the handle, a temporary fix may be implemented until you can get in touch with a technician from your gate company.

An automatic gate system usually includes a number of devices. The devices will all work together to provide a full security system, but the overall importance must be given to the most important one: the gate must open and close in a smooth manner and without any obstruction. Every security system in this category has a sensor device, which will detect any physical obstruction in the way of the opening and closing. Based on the obstacle detected, the appropriate devices are activated and the gate system will either halt or proceed to open.

There are also devices which may utilize technologies such as fingerprint recognition and photoelectric sensing. Fingerprint recognition ensures that only authorized individuals are able to open the door while photoelectric-based technology ensures that only people with a very specific set of characteristics such as dark hair can open the door – there is no other way for the system to identify an unauthorized person. Photoelectric sensitive pedestrian gates are installed when the photoelectric sensor can only be fooled by a very pale human hair. These pedestrian gates are usually used in areas where unauthorized entrance is common such as near entrances to public buildings.

Another option available for access control systems is programmed systems. A programmed system contains a series of commands, which if executed, will cause the gate to open and close. Programs can be stored in flash memory, or they can be installed on an iron-based transfer software. Some programmed systems use software programs that require manual approval before the gates can be opened. However, most systems allow you to leave the gates open without entering a password or without verbally authorizing the personnel to do so.