Find out which flowers can live in your home for an entire year and still make a big impact by reading this guide

It seems like having a garden that is always blooming with beautiful flowers must be a fantastic experience. There are indeed flowers that guarantee perpetual beauty, while others bloom again and again every month. Every green thumb would want to see his garden constantly in full bloom. Because of this, there is a wide variety of floral arrangements to choose from, and the key to success is finding the correct mixes. Some plants among these options are more prolific bloomers than others; employing them will help you achieve a bountiful flower display in a garden of any size. More so, be selective and pick flowers from flower delivery Penang that need little care.

Fabulous Year-Round Flowering Plants

Anthurium: Its spathes are long and lustrous; its shapes are heart-shaped; and its spadix, at its center, is yellow. It works wonderfully as a decorative houseplant. When it comes to flower meanings, anthurium is synonymous with warmth and welcome.

  • Bromelia

They are distinguished by the presence of a rosette of inflexible leaves that are long and narrow and have spines that are bent along the margins. In bloom, a dense spike of tubular flowers in shades of red, violet, or white rises from the rosette’s center, encircled by overlapping bracts of the same hue. After the blooms, you can expect to see the bright yellow berries that hold the seeds.

  • Cyclamen

Beautiful cyclamens are widely featured indoors. Some species have aromatic flowers, and, depending on the species, you can enjoy blooming virtually every month of the year.

  • Guzmania

It flowers at various times of the year, but late winter and summer are its most common. For months on end, it displays colorful floral bracts in shades of yellow, orange, and red. Transient, white, or yellow flowers bloom for a short time. It’s the stem or the rosette itself that serves as the birthplace.

  • Daisy

The genus Bellis, which it comes from, is part of the Asteraceae family. It’s often referred to as “the Easter flower” because of its seasonal significance. Wild varieties of this flower are associated with springtime and field trips, even though they bloom from February to November. Perennial daisies range in height from 5 to 15 cm. It’s a year-round delight, popping out in parks, gardens, and urban areas. The natural beauty of the flower’s dazzling corolla makes it a great addition to attractive gardens.

  • Saintpaulia

Florist Bukit Jalil Saintpaulia can survive for years in containers on our windowsills and produce flowers multiple times a year. The flower stalks emerge from the leaf axils and bear a wide spectrum of colors and flower structures (single, double, fringed, curled, etc.) in hues of blue, pink, white, and (very) seldom yellow and red. The golden stamens stand out in any flower, regardless of petal shape or hue, and add to the flower’s aesthetic value.