Pawning The Car Can Be Worthwhile

Please note: pawning the car is not necessarily suitable for every situation. Here are positive and negative examples to help you make your decision, you can learn more on https://จํานํารถด่วน.com  .

Avoid Bankruptcy

You are an entrepreneur. Your customers are in arrears. Due to the seasonally weak order situation, your funds are insufficient to cover the operating costs. Your financial reserves are currently tied up in various long-term investments. You are expecting a tax refund from the tax office and urgently need a financial bridge. Otherwise, you are threatened with insolvency. Since you also have another vehicle, for example, a vintage car, in addition to your normal car, you can pawn this car.

Secure Customer Orders

You are the owner of a craft business and have the opportunity to process a customer order. Since your company does not currently have the necessary liquidity to be able to buy the material due to a weak order situation, you would have to do without the business. However, you own several machines you do not need now. You can secure the job by pawning these machines or a car from your fleet.

Service Interest Payments

You are a real estate owner and have to service your real estate financing installments. You are not liquid at the moment but expect money soon, which you are entitled to as a commission from the mediation of a service. You own a car but are not dependent on mobility. With us, you can pawn your car or keep using it.

Pay Damages

You are a farmer; some time ago, you accidentally caused an industrial accident. This harmed not only you but also third parties. Now you not only have to pay for the liability claim, but you also have to pay your health costs. You do not have sufficient liquidity to cover all claims comprehensively. Your insurers are holding you captive in a lengthy investigation process, although you are now threatened with legal consequences. You are currently dependent on your car. However, you own an agricultural machine that you can immediately exchange for cash as a tangible asset instead of pawning the car.

Take Advantage Of The Opportunity

You are a bargain hunter and have spotted a rare work of art that you can purchase in highly favorable conditions. Unfortunately, you do not have enough cash and are dependent on your car for professional reasons. However, you have a motorbike, which you cannot use during the winter. Once the cost of the pawn deal is less than the profit you made on the purchase, it made sense for you to pawn the motorcycle instead of the car.

Seize Opportunities

You are a private or business investor and sense an investment opportunity, but with a small-time window. Your funds are still tied up, but you know that you will soon receive a return on one of your investments. You have a car in the upper price range and need to remain mobile. Instead of using your car as a deposit, take advantage of our onward journey option instead of pawning the car. This way, you receive cash at short notice and do not have to give up your mobility.