Pros and Cons of Consuming Mushrooms

You probably know that mushrooms come with a whole lot of advantages for you as a consumer. If you are a lover of magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, you should know that psilocybin, the active derivative in magic mushroom Candies, is a very potent psychedelic. Being 100 times less powerful than LSD.  

However, psilocybin has numerous possible medicinal benefits. Nonetheless, there are specific attributes of magic mushrooms that are not beneficial as indicated in the discussion below. Note that if you buy magic mushrooms online, you may acquire both positive and negative side effects. Read through to know all about the facts.

Pros of Consuming Magic Mushrooms

  • Depression – magic mushrooms have been intensively researched for depression. The active ingredient psilocybin has been proven to help calm the effects of depression. Even the Food and Drugs Administration has branded it as a breakthrough therapy in the management of depression.
  • Reduction of smoking addiction among addiction to other things – a small study at the John Hopkins University indicated that treatments of psilocybin helped in stopping the addiction to smoke. Psilocybin is also associated with the treatment of other addictions like cocaine and other drug addiction. If you or anyone you know is struggling with any kind of addiction, buymushrooms online to help minimize the problem.
  • Mental distress brought by cancer; initial findings are due on research comprising psilocybin’s effects on managing anxiety in individuals with cancer in advanced stages. A test at John Hopkins University found that even one dose of psilocybin highly reduced depression in patients that were detected to have cancer that was at advanced stages. 

Cons of Consuming Magic Mushrooms

  • Mental sickness – when people suffering from various mental illnesses like panic disorder or schizophrenia take in magic mushrooms, it can cause harmful and erratic behavior changes.
  • Nausea – some people reported having felt nauseated and had upset stomachs after consuming little amounts of magic mushrooms. When the mushrooms are decayed, they can as well cause one to vomit. Such vomiting is however not triggered by psilocybin but by contaminated microbes or bacteria.
  • Fear – a few magic mushroom users have reported having exhibited feelings of uneasiness, fear, and paranoia. Furthermore, magic mushrooms can cause auditory hallucinations and visual imagery. Users who acquire magic mushroomsonline may be fully cognizant of what they are seeing and hearing but the mushrooms may cause them to doubt the reality and authenticity of whatever is going on around them.
  • Physical weakness – magic mushrooms can create a feeling of physical weakness and immobility. Such sensations typically occur after consuming excess dosages of shrooms. Users can also experience other negative effects like stomach aches and delusion, fatigue, disorientation, and physical sickness. 



   Discover how you can get to buy magic mushrooms regardless of your location, buy online safely. One of the greatest problems that consumers of the magic mushroom face is purchasing.

   A lot of countries have placed a ban on mushroom consumption and have declared it a controlled substance. In the US, the government has declared mushroom a psychedelic drug and has not been accepted for medical use.

  They have also claimed that the tendency of it being abused is high. However, all countries do not share the same law. For countries like the Netherlands, Brazil and Jamaica Allows for the consumption of magic mushroom Candies. They consider it legal in those countries.

  Meanwhile, some countries like the UK, Australia and Japan and some other counties have it illegal and are against the consumption of mushrooms. Although the US government has banned consumption, some states in the US have legalized it. While some other states that are against it, have some dispensaries that sell. Few states you will not get to purchase are Idaho, Georgia and California.


To purchase mushrooms online, There’s always one way to buy regardless of whether or not it is legal in your location. When you are making purchases online, you’ll realize that the species PsilocybeCubensis is the most available.

  Although there are more than 150species of magic mushroom. The exciting thing about PsilocybeCubensis is that it has been fragmented into four separate strains depending on the location where it was found or the people mixing these strains to form new ones.


  The growth kit consists of a box with a substrate that has been inoculated fully with the magic mushroom mycelium. All that the consumer has to do is, expose the mycelium for air passage, water and light. Thereby fruit emerges resulting in mushroom in less than a week.

   This is like the easiest option of getting mushrooms. However, it may turn out to be difficult to find in some areas. Because most countries have made it illegal. Shipping the grow kit to these areas may not be easy. Even after shipping, you will have to face custom officials.


This is created by cutting the cap of a mushroom and putting the gill ny the side into a piece of foil. Glass is then placed over it. You leave it for about a day then check back. After lifting the cap, you’ll see countless little spores which can be used much later.

   You can escape the spores using a syringe and some distilled water. Inject the spores into the soil you would be cultivating your mushroom. This spore prints can be kept for as long as two years in a refrigerator and can even be used in inoculating seven different substances.

   Having your spore print is resourceful as it can have you unlimited return. You may also consider the spore syringe. This is the best option to go for in dispensaries that do not have the spore print.

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