Reasons The Bail Bonds In Fairhope Al Are Constitutionally Protected

The eighth amendment of the US Constitution says that the bail bonds should be constitutionally protected as a part of the protection in the Bill of Rights. This specific amendment prohibits imposing excessively large fines and bail by the Federal Government. It also prohibits any cruel or unusual punishment including torture. However, the bail bonds in fairhope al are not a guarantee in anyway. It is only a tool that protects the people accused of committing a crime. The bail provides them with the required time to prepare for their defense without having to stay confined to the four walls of the jail till that time.

Need for the protection

The fact that these bail bonds are constitutionally protected ensures that there are sufficient funds or collateral available so that in case it is required it can be used to pay for the defense fund which by it is never cheap especially when a person is accused of a serious charge. In addition to that, the bails are protected by the constitution so that no one in the power to be can abuse it or misuse it to make excessive fines and punishments. That is why the Parliament decided to have both bailable and non-bailable crimes.

The technicalities in it

As always in law there are lots of technicalities and these are often exploited by the power that be. These bails ensured that people are not imprisoned without bail if the offense is bailable. According to the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679, judges can set bails that are practical and achievable. The English Bill of Rights came into effect in 1689 but the Eighth Amendment was adopted in 1791 which is identical to it. Though the bill does not define what ‘excessive’ really means it surely protects people alleged with bailable offense.