Steps For Downloading GST Certificate For Businesses

GST: What You Need To Know

Goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax imposed on just about all national-consumption products and services provided. Consumers pay the GST but the companies supplying the products and services remit money to the administration. In addition, GST generates government revenue.

Each entity enrolled under the GST Act is provided a GST Certificate of Registration in the Form GST REG-06. The distributors of products with a cumulative annual turnover of more than Rs 40 Lakhs are expected to register under GST in compliance with GST regulation. The gross annual revenue for distributors of products in the Special Category States should surpass Rs 20 Lakhs.

Likewise, under GST, traders, and manufacturers with annual revenue of up to Rs 1.5 Crores may register as Composition Dealers. Also, a certain section of firms/groups must mandatorily sign under GST, irrespective of their annual turnover.

Thus, you can access the GST Registration Certificate from the site itself when you apply with GST since the administration does not provide a hard copy of the certificate.

Downloading The GST Certificate

Here are the steps if you want to know how to download the GST Certificate

  • You should visit the GST website/portal,
  • Then, you are required to login to your account using the information you’ve provided
  • Locate the services tab and choose “User Services”.
  • Select Download/View Certificate from the given option in the dropdown
  • Select the “download”

Format Of The GST Certificate

GST Registration Certificate consists of 3 sheets in Form GST REG-06. The first tab provides information about the key place of business and they also include

  • GST Identification number of the business or the individual
  • Business constitution
  • Legal Name
  • Trading Name (If the business has one)
  • Duration of validity
  • Registration type
  • Date of day on which the certificate was issued
  • Location of the Business

The second sheet in the GST certificate includes Annexure-A that contains Information about the other places of business of an organization,

  • Trading Name (If the business has one)
  • Legal Name
  • GSTIN of the business
  • The overall number of places of businesses in the state.

Eventually, on the 3rd-page of the certificate, Annex-B includes information of the entity or individuals accountable for the company, such as Sole Proprietor, Investors, Karta, executive director, and Whole Time Directors, participants of the association of Individuals Managing Committee, a board of directors, etc. Such individual or persons shall include:

  • Designation
  • Name
  • GSTIN of the business
  • Picture of himself


On the GST website, the Government offers the GSTIN Check and Verification Tool on its webpage below the heading ‘Search By Taxpayer’ It helps anyone to fill in the GSTIN descriptions of the individuals you are working with and to verify their credibility.

The GST database on providing the GSTIN in the search bar includes specific descriptions of the corporate organization in which the GSTIN belongs, including the company’s legal name, trading name, center and state authority, incorporation date, corporate constitution, a form of taxpayer, UIN/GSTIN status, filing table, etc.

Displaying The GST Certificate

Pursuant to Rule 18 of the CGST Act, 2017, any individual enrolled under the GST shall view a replica of the GST Registration Certificate at a location that is easily visible at the main location of the business and at each additional location.

In addition, these licensed individuals are expected to show their GSTIN on the title board sign displayed at the headquarters and additional place of business.


The validity period clause of the GST registration certificate applies only when the applicant is a non-taxable individual or a casual taxable individual as specified in the GST Act.

Accordingly, the Usual Taxpayers’ GST Registration Certificate will not lapse and remains active until the moment he or she decides to terminate the registration, or the government cancels the registration.


With the new rules that have been implemented in recent years, it is the responsibility of the business to comply with it. GST Act has made it easier for organizations to conduct their business and GST certificate download helps in proving their credibility. Hence, if you are an individual who is running a business and your business meets the requirements stated under the GST act, registering under GST can be extremely beneficial.