These Are The Essential Android Oreo Functions

After “Lollipop,” “Marshmallow,” and “Nougat,” “Oreo” is the next generation of Android’s operating system. In its eighth version, Google presents a lot of tried and tested features, but there are also several new and exciting functions to discover


The next of the Android Oreo functions presented here, “Autofill,” saves all your relevant user names and passwords that you need to log in to Chrome, Instagram, or Twitter. In this way, you do not have to enter your login data every time you log in to a specific account. In addition, “Autofill” also saves addresses or telephone numbers. Check for more information

Once entered, your smartphone retains all the essential information you need to enter when logging into a social network or in corresponding forms. To use “Autofill,” it is sufficient to enter the respective data once. Google then asks you if you want it to save this information. Tap on “Yes,” and your login details will be automatic the next time you log in inserted in the appropriate fields.

Preview For Notifications

The tiny dots on the app icons that inform you about what’s new about the application are certainly one of the most practical Android Oreo functions. If you tap and hold your finger on the corresponding app icon marked with a dot, you will see a brief preview of the latest notification in it.

This feature is highly convenient and allows you to get a brief overview of your new messages in situations you do not have time to rummage through in detail. Go to Settings> Apps & notifications> Notifications and activate the corresponding feature to use this function.

With the help of the first of the Android Oreo functions presented here, you can concentrate on the essential things and leave other things aside.