Tips and Tricks for Coyote Hunting with a Night Vision Scope

Coyote hunting is a popular outdoor activity among hunters, but it can be quite challenging, especially when they are night-active predators that come out to hunt in the dark. That is where night vision scopes come in handy. With the advancements in technology, night vision scopes have made hunting coyotes at night much easier and more efficient. If you are new to coyote hunting or have always hunted during the day, this guide will help you understand how to utilize night vision scope for coyote hunting.

1. Understanding Night Vision Scopes

Night vision scopes are optical devices designed to help hunters see in low light or complete darkness. There are various types of night vision scopes, but the most common types are thermal imaging scopes, image intensifier scopes, and digital night vision scopes. Prior to utilizing a night vision scope, it is essential to understand its features and how to use them. 

2. Choosing the Right Scope

The next step is to select the right scope. The optimal night vision scope for coyote hunting is one that enables you to view your target at a safe distance without alerting them. Image intensifier scopes can be ideal for long-range hunting, while thermal imaging scopes have more magnification power and are better for mid-range hunts. Digital night vision scopes are ideal for beginners and hunters on a budget. In addition, make sure the scope has mil-dot reticles, which can help with range estimation, and are necessary for long-range shots.

3. Technical Considerations

Once you have your night vision scope, it is essential to adjust it correctly to enhance its effectiveness. Start by ensuring that it is secured tightly on your rifle to eliminate shaking while hunting. Adjust the brightness level of the image, and the contrast to ensure that it is sharp and clear. Be aware that a high brightness setting can cause blurring, while a low brightness setting can make it difficult to see the target in low light conditions. Remember to practice adjusting your settings in various lighting conditions to gain accuracy.

4. Focusing the Scope

To achieve the best image quality, it is essential to focus your night vision scope. The distance between the scope and the target will dictate how you focus the optical device. As you adjust the scope’s focus knob, ensure that the image becomes more discernable and that you can clearly view your target. Also, some scopes may come with adjustable objective lens, which you can use to focus on the target’s distance.

5. Additional Tips

When coyote hunting at night, it is crucial to avoid using bright lights and minimize your sound. Coyotes have excellent eye sight, which means they can detect even the slightest movement from you. Additionally, using a red light on your scope can enhance its effectiveness as it desensitizes the coyote’s sight. Also, ensure that your hunting location is legal and that you have all the necessary permits to avoid legal issues.

Coyote hunting at night can be an exceptional experience, and using night vision scopes can enhance your experience. The night vision scope is essential as it magnifies your vision and enables you to see your target in near darkness. However, using the night vision scope is not a guarantee of success. Proper utilization of features, focusing, technical considerations, and following tips can make a difference in your hunting experience. Remember that safety should always be a priority, and ensure that you have all the necessary permits before hunting. Following these guidelines will ensure that you have a successful hunting experience.