What are graphic novels? different YA Graphic Novels for the youngster to read

The term novel generally refers to the long text you have to read to find out the crux. Here the word graphic has been added before the novel. This word changes the whole meaning of the novels. In these novels, you will find comics characters. All these characters are entirely based on the imaginations of the writers. There are different types of YA Graphic Novels like fiction, nonfiction, actions and many more. 

Individual comics and short stories are also termed graphic novels. There are different types of graphic novels like manga, superheroes, and many others. There are plenty of novels you will find if you want to read. In addition, you will find different novels according to your age. 

Best novels for the youngsters 

The best novels of every time that a youngster can read for fun:

Boxers and saint novels

This book comes in two volumes. If you buy one of them, then you will never stop yourself from buying the other. In this novel, you will find the story of a small boy whose village is destroyed by the westerns, and he joins the opposition. In other, you will find a story of a girl who discovered the home with some people and got rejected.

Hey, kiddo

In this novel, the writer tells the story of their childhood and teens. The story starts from the moment when the writer believes that his family is not like others. This author had said that he was raided by two loving people who are their grandparents. Both of them love him very much, even after having so many faults. This book is a must-read, as it is also chosen for the national book award.


It is a story of a girl who is a witch. She spends her entire time with her parents and grandparents. She also helps them in selling the books at the bookstore. Once, she heard the news regarding the wolf in the forest. So she goes and searches for that wolf. She found his childhood friend, a wolf, and both of them start helping each other. And later, they fell for each other.

ANYA’S Ghost

Anya is a schoolgirl and was outcast by the other students. She was all alone and required a friend. One day while going back to her home, she falls into the well. Where she found a ghost and both of them became good friends. After that, both of them love together. It would be fascinating YA Graphic Novels. It would be best if you gave it a try.

The binding words

So hope that you have understood the meaning of graphic novels and how they are different from simple novels. Graphic novels are more interesting for people who do not have any interest in the text. All the novels, as mentioned earlier, are the top novels that you can read. All the novels have good stories that will amaze you, and at the same time, you will feel very indulge in these stories.