What is Permanent Makeup?

Makeup is something that millions of people love and apply every single day. In a year, we spend countless hours applying our perfect winged eyeliner, our lip liner and lip color, and in some cases, beauty marks. Though makeup is something that can be changed up every day and that is great for expressing yourself, it can also be something that is time consuming and frustrating. So what can be done to help save time with your makeup? Permanent and semi-permanent makeup like that offerd by Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup is a viable and wonderful solution.

So just what is permanent makeup? Permanent makeup in laymen’s terms is tattooed makeup. The main difference is the size of the needles used and the ink that is used as well. This can be anything from eyeliner, to beauty marks, to eyebrows, and lip color. Permanent makeup is applied with a very fine and very small needle to that the professional can be as precise and delicate as possible. The face has a very high turnover of cells and also scars and is damaged very easily so it is important that the person applying your permanent makeup is a professional that has clean tools, a clean work space, and knows what they are doing.

The process of tattooing makeup is not all that different from applying a regular tattoo. The main difference is that someone applying a makeup tattoo is not going to be as concerned with dark lines to start with and may instead focus on a softer look. Eyeliner requires that the patient have their eyelids numbed and that they be immobilized so that the tattoo needle can be as precise as possible. With lip tattoos the process is similar with topical numbing available. You can also have eyebrows tattooed on with individual brow hairs added to give you a natural and real look and you can even have beauty marks tattooed on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you are having makeup tattooed, you may need touch ups to attain the color you want as your face does have a high turnover of cells and some ink may fade quickly. When choosing what tattooed makeup you want, you should take the time also to find a professional that you trust. Ruth Swissa permanent makeup is a fantastic option as she has the experience, the drive, and the desire to provide her clients with the best experience and end result possible.  Taking the time to find an office and a practitioner you trust and respect is a crucial part of the permanent tattoo makeup process and it can truly make a difference between success and happiness and a bad experience all around.

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