What is useful walking barefoot while working out

Walking barefoot is a very important healing and strengthening procedure.

Walking barefoot is a very important healing and strengthening procedure. The many receptors that are located on the sole send a gigantic amount of nerve impulses to the brain. This energy later saturates the respiratory, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, excretory and other body systems. And the foot, which is in the shoe, sends signals of the same type, which accelerates the processes of imbalance and fatigue.

A variety of irritations when you walk barefoot – soft, rough, sharp, cold, wet, etc. – train physiological functions. The body also develops positive emotions, preventing diseases and disorders. The skin of the legs is strengthened, infection with the fungus is prevented, the body’s resistance to catarrh infections is enhanced, and the sole’s heat-regulating abilities increase.

How to start barefoot walking? You need to get used to it systematically and in stages. First, teach yourself to walk barefoot in your apartment, bath, and then on earthen soil in the yard. When frost sets in – on hoarfrost, and later – on snow.

If you walk on fine gravel and hard ground, the strength of the skin of the feet and a decrease in the perception of cold and pain irritants are stimulated. And walking on wet grass, water, cold wet stones is a very powerful hardening factor. You can start walking in cold water in the bath, in winter, a bay of water slightly above the ankles. It is necessary to buy Oxymetholone, and not to stand. Feels like dosing time. Start with 3 minutes and finish up to 15.

On the street, it is best to walk in the morning and in the evening – twice a day, throughout the year. This procedure gives a powerful influx of energy into the body. The immune system is strengthened, the body is tempered, reflex revitalization of organs, especially the stomach, eyes, liver, heart, intestines, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, etc. takes place. When you walk barefoot, accumulated static electricity is dumped through bare feet, and this electricity is bad affects the body, contributing to rapid overexcitation or fatigue, as well as various pain sensations.

If you start walking in the winter, then you need to pour cold water over your feet for 2-3 weeks. Then you can step on the snow, going outside and immediately put on shoes. Time should be increased in stages, by the end of winter, bringing it to 5 minutes.

Walking along the street with bare feet, you can learn a special healing breath: pull in the energy from the Earth while breathing in to the very top of the head, feeling how it heals you, gives you a boost of strength, vitality, power and calm, and exhale your body with it.

Keep in mind that:

  • Walking on hot sand, asphalt, ice, snow, conifer needles, sharp stones, cones has an exciting effect on the nervous system.
  • Over soft grass, warm sand, indoor carpet, road dust – soothingly.
  • On uneven ground, neutral temperature asphalt, wet grass, indoor flooring – this is something between the first and second, moderately tonic nervous system.
  • After completing each procedure, you need to wash your feet. After making a 2-3 minute massage, flexing vigorously fingers, calf muscles and soles.
  • You can harden the foot and in shoes, putting in it a little moist grass of mint, thyme or violet. Light irritation of the soles that occurs when walking or running, restores the energy of the body, stimulates blood circulation.

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