Why Do Huskies Shed?

When you bring a pet home there are several concerns on your mind. One of the biggest concerns dog owners have is with shedding. Different breeds have different shedding seasons and quantities. If you are wondering whether huskies shed, the answer is yes. Huskies shed during spring and summer and they do shed quite a lot if not groomed well. You can see their hair on your bed, couch, carpet and car seat during these times. And if you are need of the tools that can help you to deal with the shedding of the Huskies, use the Catch.com.au promo codes to avail those tools in reasonable price.

When do huskies shed?

The coat of a Husky has two layers, one is the upper layer of fur and the other is the undercoat below. The undercoat keeps them warm during winter chills and cools them during the summer. Most huskies shed their undercoat twice in a year when the season changes. However, some huskies may just shed once in a year.

Why do Huskies shed?

Huskies are dogs that are typically meant for extremely cold climates where the temperature drops severely. The undercoat and thick fur keep them warm to avoid the winter chills. But during spring or summer they need to shed their coat to tolerate the heat and stay cool during the seasons. This is why a husky is prone to shedding quite a bit during the season change. If you live in a warmer climate you may see your dog shedding quite often throughout the year to keep itself cool in the heat. Without shedding its undercoat, it may overheat during the warmer months and suffer a heat stroke. After all, it is meant for the snowy climates far up in the north. You have to tolerate the shedding if you wish to pet the Husky in a place other than its natural surrounding its coat is meant for. However, there are methods in which you can somewhat control the shedding of your dog’s coat.

How to control or minimize the shedding?

You cannot stop the natural shedding of the husky, but you can definitely minimize it or control it from shedding all around your home. It is recommended to husky owners that they constantly brush the coat of the dog during their blowing season to minimize the shedding. With regular brushing and grooming you can see that the shedding is under control. You should brush their coats well at least once in a week to help them shed less and keep your home clean.

Some tools that will help you to deal with the shedding of the Huskies

There are specific tools that you can use if you want to deal with the shedding of the Huskies. So, the tools that we are talking about are:

The Furminator

This is a unique tool that is crafted to deal with particular types of coats. Well, it is different from the traditional brush and is more effective as well. With this tool on your side, you can effortlessly cope up with the shedding of the Huskies. Unlike other traditional hair brushes, you don’t have to face any issues when it comes to the cleaning of the brush. You will find a button in The Furminator, and after pressing that button, you will find out that it is pushing all the hairs from the brush. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of time as well as effort that comes with removing the hairs from the brush.

Dog rake

It is another specialized tool that is used to deal with the shedding of the Huskies. The teeth of these rakes are tailored like rounded pins. So, when you use this tool, you will find out that it is easier to drag the furs with this tool, compared to traditional hairbrushes. Well, the Furminators are great tools, but the distance between the teeth of these rakes is considerably narrow. So, there is a possibility that it will tug the Husky’s hair. But on the other hand, the rake consists of wider space between its teeth, which will give the Huskies a lower sense of the sensation. To be more precise, it is comfortable for the Huskies.

A Dyson vacuum

You can consider these tools to be the best tools when it comes to dealing with the shedding of the Husky-hairs. This tool provides the precise suction. Well, this tool will help you clean up the hairs of your Husky, effortlessly after you are done with the brushing. So, if you are using this machine, forget all the suffering that you have gone through earlier.

So, these are all the things that you need to know about the shedding of the Huskies.

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