6 questions to avoid on a first date

You may not know, but in the first 60 minutes of your first date, the future of your possible relationship is written in femmesentrefemmes.com. So if he / she likes you and you want to get a second date, maybe it’s best to avoid certain topics that can be overly personal and sensitive. The themes and questions to avoid are many . Here are the main ones.

1 – How much do you earn?

The “money” topic is to be avoided like the plague , but not only on the first date: even in the following and, if things go well, also in the following period. This is because asking this question will make the other party think that you are more interested in their wallet than in their person and their life. If you really have to ask such a question, ask instead what work he does and if he is happy with it: ask him about his goals and aspirations.

2 – Is this your best dress?

His clothing does not satisfy you, it is sloppy or worse, it puts you in a situation of disturbance and perplexity. You may already begin to give an evaluation, even if you cannot immediately measure how it can be temperamentally.

To investigate further, you could ask him how he likes to dress on certain occasions, perhaps more formal . If you see that even here the answers do not satisfy you, maybe you can think of not granting a second appointment, in case he asks for it. But remember, never judge from the outside !

3 – Who are you writing to?

If you see him often texting on his cell phone, keep your mind at bay and curb your jealousy . Such a question only risks frightening the person in front of you, making them think that you are obsessed with control and extremely jealous , which, in a couple that works, is never good.

If anything, if he is very attached to his cell phone, you should ask yourself another question , which is whether he is bored or not interested in the conversation. You can visit www.toprencontreseniors.com

If this bothers you extremely, maybe you can make him understand it in a veiled and ironic way. Try a joke or a joke – this could also liven up the conversation and bring back interest between you!