Tell me about your exes?

This question is already uncomfortable if you’ve been with someone for a while, imagine on a first date in rencontrepapygay! If a person is there with you it is because he wants new things, to get back on the game and mend his broken heart, mending it for good and better.

So bringing up past and still painful events is not a good first date idea, especially if you are very interested in the counterpart in front of you.

Do you see yourself married and with family in the future?

This too is a particularly heavy question to ask at first glance. Maybe he will react with a smile, or he will try to cut it short and “run away” as soon as possible, the reaction is mostly subjective .

However, if you want to avoid surprises of this kind, but still want to try to get an opinion, you can covertly ask what his future projects are even a little later in time .

If the discussion is not addressed, however, do not try to force the argument . And if there is a second or third appointment, by getting to know each other better, you will have the opportunity to ask this question in a more calm and relaxed way. Basically, keep the complex and important questions on subsequent appointments when you get to know each other better.

Shall we go out one more time?

This too is a question (or rather, a request) risky to ask. This is because it could embarrass the other person , especially if the evening didn’t go perfectly for them.

Putting the individual immediately at a crossroads could be problematic and have the opposite effect to that hoped for, that is to distance them.

Let some time pass . Maybe ask this question a day or two later, letting the date be completely “digested” by both you and your partner.

And you, have you ever asked these questions on your first date in unerencontregay?

If the answer is yes, then you will have to work a little more to improve yourself , try and try again with several other appointments.

However, it is not always possible to change or better, it is not always said that you are the one who is wrong, it could also be the other person who is biased on certain topics that you consider fundamental.

Or simply, he’s not the right person for you.

We at Re di Cuori are specialized in finding your soul mate so that, even if these questions will escape you on the first date, the other party will not be disoriented or afraid, but will be happy to answer you!

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