9 Thanksgiving Nightmares And How A Thanksgiving Catered Dinner Can Save You From Them

A jovial mood.A tasteful celebration. An unforgettable moment shared with loved ones. These are the phrases that are often associated with Thanksgiving celebrations. But like any other occasion, this event isn’t something that’s exempted from getting flawed. Thanksgiving nightmares can happen — and sometimes, holding a catered Thanksgiving dinner seems to be the most cost-effective solution there is.

In this article, we’re running down nine thanksgiving mishaps you can prevent by offering a catered dinner.

Serving the wrong food menu. In the fence whether it’s better to serve sweet potato casserole or their roasted counterparts? Sometimes, you will be overwhelmed with the food choices and you might end up serving dishes not apt for thanksgiving dinners.

Not having enough space for storage. One of the worst nightmares you will experience is not having enough space for storage. You might not want to put your too-huge turkey outside your refrigerator and have it eaten by rats or by your cat.

Thawing the turkey incorrectly. Bear in mind that doing this can lead to food poisoning. This is why if you don’t know how to soften up a frozen turkey, it’s better to decide to have a catered thanksgiving dinner than risking to do it on your own and get undesirable consequences in return.

Not checking the inside of the turkey. This is a common mistake among those inexperienced people who prepare thanksgiving dinners by themselves. Some even leave a spoon and a bag of giblets inside and end up damaging the turkey and the oven while the bird is being roasted.

Unevenly cooking the turkey. Some make the mistake of overcooking the bird or serving them raw, some face the dilemma of cooking the bird unevenly. It takes quite the skill to whip up the perfectly cooked turkey, and sometimes it’s better to just leave it to the experts.

Accidentally using the wrong condiments. You might not want to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner by pouring salt instead of sugar. Or by varnishing your turkey with another type of varnish (the not edible ones!).

Letting your pets hang around while you’re busy preparing. If you own a pet, like a cat or a dog, they might end up ruining your thanksgiving dinner by taking away or playing with important ingredients and items in your kitchen.

Getting yourself cut during the process of preparing the meals. Of course, you want to spice up your dining table with fruits and greens and side dishes that will complement your main meal. But if you’re too busy preparing, or the pressure to serve food perfectly kicks in, or your kids are running around the kitchen— it’s a huge possibility that you can get cuts while slicing or cutting the foods you are serving.

Having clogged drains. After the party is over, it’s now time to clean up and wash the dishes. Your biggest enemy?Leftover food that can end up clogging your drains.

Why Opt for a Catered Thanksgiving Dinner

When you opt for a catered thanksgiving dinner, the burden of cooking the right food — complete with awesome taste and presentation — will be taken away from you. They will also be the ones to take care of serving the meals and cleaning them up afterward. With these, you and your loved ones can focus on just enjoying the anticipated revelry and create wonderful memories together.

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