How Soon Should You Book A Caterer For Your Event

The age-old question whenever you are preparing for an event is this: how soon should you begin looking for Caterers? The simple answer is this: the bigger and more formal your event is, the sooner you should be booking your caterers. It really is a case-to-case basis.

Catering for weddings

Weddings are extra special so it’s okay to look for caterers for more than a year in advance. Book your caterer (especially if it’s an in-demand one) a year in advance just to make sure you are getting the date locked in. Most caterers ask for a downpayment so by this time, you should be prepared for it. Give the caterer a rough idea of how many guests you will be attending, the food format of your choice (set plate vs. Buffet, all-adult or with kids, food items you need to cross out because of dietary restrictions and allergies, etc.)

Don’t worry because up to two months before your wedding, you can probably make changes unless otherwise stated in your contract with the caterer. You might want to have a meeting with the suppliers just in case you need to iron out some details. The stylist and the caterer usually work together for the setup. The caterer will also need queues as to when to serve the food or open the buffet line.

Catering for corporate events

Corporate events are highly dependent on several factors. If you are only looking for caterers for a 10-person-meeting, then you can probably get a good caterer as late as a week before the event. If you are, however, hosting something like an awards night and looking to feed 200 to 400 folks, then you should get a caterer sooner than 6 months. Also think about the set up of your event. This will depend largely on what kind of event it is, and the time it is going to be held. Are you preparing cocktails? Then standup tables might be enough. People will most likely be walking around and talking to each other. Will you want the guests to stay in their seats? Then you should have set meals prepared, not unlike what you would order for weddings. The same things need to be considered: dietary restrictions, how many and what kind of dishes to include, and how much food needs to be served.

Catering for kiddie parties

Kiddie parties are generally easy to hold. Caterers usually have packages for this already which could even include hosts, clowns, game prizes and so on. Sometimes, styling is also included. This does not mean that you won’t be able to personalize it according to your preferences. Don’t hesitate to talk to your caterers about your vision. They are, after all, there to make your dream event a reality.

Catering baby showers

Baby showers are usually more intimate. Usually, you only invite 10 to 20 close friends. This would make preparations similar to corporate meetings, only with more styling. You can get caterers as early as a month in advance, or book two weeks prior to the date you have in mind. Sit down and talk to your caterer about how you envisioned the event to look and feel. Make sure all the details are clear so when it’s time to hold the baby shower, you and your caterer are on the same page.

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