Finer Deals You Must Go for in Sports Betting

This depends on the method you choose and also on the currency used. However, for either bank slip or bank transfer, the methods most used by Brazilians, the minimum is $ 17.


No fee is charged by SuperAposta for deposits. However, you may incur a small fee from your bank or credit card company.

Deposit Processing

Upon confirmation of your 케이 site deposit by the chosen method, the money will be immediately transferred to your SuperAppos account. But how long does it take to be confirmed? It varies as follows:

Immediate Proceedings: Neteller, Skrill and Bank Transfer.

Not Immediate (1-5 business days): Bank Slip – After the second payment by slip, there is the possibility to anticipate the process by sending the slip and proof of payment.

Withdrawals will be made using the same method used to deposit, except if this is by bank slip. Therefore, you will have to choose the means to withdraw.

There is no charge for withdrawals by SuperAposta. There is a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, which you can learn more by visiting the platform.

Super Bet Review

The layout is done in blue, white and yellow colors. They have a very functional site and optimized pages, with fast loading. All information is clearly visible to users, both from the computer and the mobile phone. On either page you can change the language, as well as access to general information such as sports betting and general sports.

Betting and Odds Markets

SuperAposta offers a sea of ​​betting markets and this is one of the strengths of the online gambling site. Being a European home, football is the flagship of the site. For every football game, there are a large number of betting options.

Being European, the great competitions of the old continent end up being the foci. Tournaments such as the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, etc have huge amount of betting options. However, the Brazilian market, with Brasileirão, Brazil Cup, South American and Libertadores, is not forgotten and gets a respectable coverage.

  • There are also good betting options in American leagues such as NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.
  • Another strength of SuperAposta is its odds. Fight toe-to-toe with competitors, even winning the fight most of the time.
  • They also have great live betting coverage for any sport. The live betting system is quite easy to use, but unfortunately there is no live streaming service.

Everyone who has a SuperAposta account is entitled to the following promotions:

  • Super Accumulated – Earn up to $ 10,000
  • Accumulated Betting Bonus – Super Accumulated
  • Place an accumulated (multiple) SuperApt bet and get up to 25% extra, in addition to the regular bet profit.

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