Ford Exp: The Ford of the Roaring ’80s

There are only quite a small number of automobile companies and manufacturers that has been able to overcome the challenges – different lifestyles and bigger plus better competition – that the changing world offered. And among these counted few, the Ford Motor Company is one of those.

Starting its humble beginnings back to the year 1903, the Ford Motor Company still has been able to continue in the automotive world as one of its major players and manufacturers. Founded by Henry Ford that year during the first coupe of years of that millennium, the company has been able to manufacture and create the classic Ford Model T. Although the coming of the Second World War proved to be a hindrance for the continued manufacturing of vehicles from this company, the end of the said event was considered to be a fresh beginning for Ford. At present, the company has crafted vehicles and has also the hold over other vehicle brands like the Ford, the Lincoln, the Mercury, the Aston Martin, the Jaguar, the Volvo, and the Land Rover.

Also, the Ford Motor Company has been successfully tagged and named as the largest automobile manufacturer the world over. It has continued on delivering dependable and classy automobiles to the different markets in the automobile industry. Their vehicles have become classics due to the fact that the vehicles hold a great appeal to the masses and are generally high quality. Even the name, Ford, exceeds a reputation of performance and power.

One of the vehicles that comprise the Ford vehicle line up is the Ford Exp. Most people presume that the Ford Exp is just another name for the Ford Explorer. However, the fact is that it is not and this vehicle is an entirely different one altogether. It certainly also does not look as if it is a Ford Explorer.

This Ford Exp model has been has been crafted and manufactured by the company during the roaring ’80s, specifically from the year 1981. This line has lived for seven whole years up until 1988. It is a subcompact car and has succeeded the Ford Thunderbird upon its end of production. It sports two doors and has a two passenger capacity. It is also considered to be the first car of the modern generation that has used and sported the oval symbol of the Ford brand. It shares most of its parts with the Ford Escort. It came equipped with an 80 horsepower engine that was later on upgraded to have a greater capacity of ten horsepower more. Later on, the Ford Exp line has been cut so as to give way to another Ford vehicle, which later came on to be known as the Ford Probe. offers a great selection of aftermarket auto parts, accessories, tools, and maintenance supplies for Ford vehicles and for the Ford Exp parts.