Greater Winning Possibilities with the Best You Would Like

This type of bet represents, as the name suggests, a “double chance”. The bettor throws his chips in two of the three possible outcomes of a match, for example, “home win or draw”. Win if you hit one of these possibilities. It also offers less chance of risk, but the return on earnings is not as attractive in return.

Draw Bet Cancel Bet (or Draw No Bet)

Also known as DNB, by the term as Draw No Bet, Draw Cancels Bet is one of the modalities in football where the winner of the game is chosen, and in case of a tie, the bet is cancelled, and the money is returned to the bettor. It is a primary type of bet, which prevents risks.

Bet Over / Under 2.5 goals (or Over / Under 2.5)

It refers to the number of goals that teams will score in a match. Here the bettor has to guess whether the teams will achieve more or less than two goals in the game. What may confuse some beginners is the fact that you have broken numbers: “More than 1.5”, “Less than 3.5”, “More than 0.5”. This is to make it more transparent when you win.

Types of bets

For example, in “Under 3.5”, with up to 3 goals in the game, the bet is won. After four goals, you lose. The “.5” serves to help separate the possibility of 3 goals and four goals. If this did not exist, the market was called “Under three goals”, it would not be apparent if, in case of 3 goals in the match, it would be a won or lost Bandar bola bet.

First Half Bet / Final Result

This mode allows you to bet on the result of the first and second half of the game. The idea here is to guess who will be the winner of the first or second half, combining both results. In this type of multiple bet, in which the prize is higher, you have to hit both parts of the game to win.