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Playing in the garden as a kid is probably our favorite memory. Friends and trees and a beautiful scenic garden around us are heavens. Isn’t so? People have now become more aware and advanced when it comes to decorating the gardens and making them look prettier than ever before. They use some garden water features to add an energetic charm. Walking in the nights and exploring the true beauty of a well-maintained garden is totally out of this world. The fragrance of the flowers, birds chirping and humming of the birds. Feelings like this make all the hard work and efforts in maintaining a garden a big success.

Different types of garden water features:

On you can find multiple water features to decorate your gardens, lawns, and parks. Let us see some of them-

  • Large ammonite stone fountain:It is a 20 cm high stone fountain that is made of handcrafted stones. You can get two different looks in this. One is an old bronzed look and the other one is a weathered look. In both these, it looks fantastic. It is durable and of course water-resistant. It will add an old charm to your garden.
  • Artichoke stone fountain: This one is another classic water fountain. It is 28 cm tall and is made of handcrafted stone. It has intricate and minutes detailing. It is available in two looks. One is an old bronzed look and the other one is a weathered look. In both these, it looks fantastic.
  • Two cherub stone fountain: Yet another of their masterpiece. It is 65 cm tall made of handcrafted stone. It will add an amazing look to your garden. It has an aged look to make it vintage and expensive. But in reality, it is extremely affordable and economical. Plus, all the add-on looks are free of cost.
  • Angel with shell stone mountain: This is another beauty. It is 61cm tall with an aged look. It is made out of handcrafted stones and it also comes with 2 different looks. Extremely affordable and must-buy option due to its beauty and innocence.
  • Small Moai headstone fountain: This one is 39 cm tall, made with handcrafted stones and with intricate detailing. It comes with two choices and is given an aged look. It is a unique piece that will beautify your garden areas.

Delivery time and contact:

Mostly all the pieces of garden water features are delivered within 4-6 weeks after the order is placed. The add-on looks are free of cost. The order can be booked via phone. You can visit their website and check the varieties and select the one you like. There are about 50 items to choose from in this category. They have the telephone number on the website and 3 different emails for sales, delivery, and product. You can mail them as per your query and they also have given the postal address in can you want to post them about anything of the significant matter.

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