How To Keep Your Car’s Headliner Pristine

Car owners often spend all of their time and effort caring for their vehicle’s exteriors. After all, it is the part of the car that is often seen by strangers. While there is a good reason to focus on the outer parts, that doesn’t mean the Mercedes Benz interior parts should be ignored.

Many car owners also take pride in maintaining the interiors of their car, but unfortunately, there is one part that still falls off the radar: the headliner. If you are guilty of not cleaning your vehicle’s headliner now is the perfect time to change. Here are some interior car cleaning tips that will ensure the headliner looks as clean as the rest of your Mercedes Benz:

Spot Cleaning

Despite being located over our heads, there are always instances where the headliner falls victim to staining. Whether the cause is an aggressive coffee splatter or someone’s greasy hands, it is best to clean the stain off before it becomes a permanent eyesore.

Upholstery cleaners are best used for water-based stains such as coffee or juice while alcohol or lacquer thinner is better for oil-based stains. To remove the stain, lightly brush off any excess dirt before applying your choice of cleaner. Be careful not to over saturate the spot as this can lead to the peeling of the headliner.

General Or Surface Cleaning

A great way to maintain the Mercedes Benz interior parts is to conduct regular surface cleaning of the entire interior. For the headliner, use a foaming upholstery cleaner, aerosols tend to work best in these situations along with the use of a soft clean brush. Using harsh chemicals and a hard brush will not deliver the results you are looking for.

After spraying the headliner with the cleaner, focusing on the dirtiest parts, gently brush away the dirt. Avoid aggressive brushing and putting too much cleaner as this will do more damage than actual cleaning. Even if the results of the surface cleaning is not as thorough as you expected, step back or risk damaging the entire headliner if you continue.

Deep Cleaning

Considered as the last resort for headliner cleaning, deep cleaning can do more damage in the long run. This is best reserved for instances where the interiors are too dirty or a strong odor has settled inside the car. A steam cleaner with upholstery cleaner are the best tools for the job, but sometimes it is better left to the professionals.

If DIY deep headliner cleaning is the only solution left, there is a risk of causing a lot of damage which can lead to the peeling of the headliner. Try to avoid getting to this point by doing a regular spot and general cleaning. Otherwise, let the car detailing professionals assess the situation and provide options for the next step forward.

Keeping Up With The Interiors

The best and the only way to maintain the interiors of any vehicle is to clean the insides regularly. Allowing dirt and stains to make their mark will lead to a lot of damaging deep cleaning sessions that are better off avoided.

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