8 utili consigli per uscire dalla friendzone

It’s you two, alone …

A wonderful evening, in front of the front door …

It looks like magic.

You try to give him the kiss you craved so much …

But he pulls back and tells you:

“ No, I only see you as a friend , I don’t see you in any other way”.


The “friend zone” is an unpleasant situation that, in one way or another, some more or less, happens to everyone in life.

Where does the word friendzone come from

For those who still do not know, the origin of the word friendzone derives from the English and defines that emotional state in which one of the two friends begins to have feelings of love towards the other , which however are not reciprocated .

It is a particular situation where one more word or one less word can drastically change the situation, for better or for worse.

Are you also in this phantom condition?

Do you know what are the 8 ways to overcome the friendzone in topsitodiincontri.com?

Dealing with this unpleasant emotional state is not easy, but the tips below can surely help you overcome it.

Sympathy: it is always a winning weapon to conquer the person you love. Obviously also in this case the words must be weighed and even being too “nice” may not be frowned upon, making you pass for the classic joker who does not want serious things and only thinks of frivolities. So sympathy yes, but with criteria .

Dialogue: one of the ways to understand the situation that arises before you, also to decipher the party involved, is to establish a dialogue. However, it must be different from the classic dialogues usually faced (work, school, sport). Talk about your future projects , your aspirations and let the other party speak too. In this way you will get to know each other in a different light and you will be able to understand if yours is just an infatuation or there are real bases to be able to build something.

Propose to do things together: sharing a few moments together can be a great way to overcome the “friend zone”. The more we are together, the more we know each other and the stronger the relationship becomes. One idea could be doing something he / she likes, like going to a game or concert together, participating actively.

Language: how you express yourself and above all the words you use are also very important as regards a possible establishment of a relationship and not to fall back into the friend zone.

In order to overcome it, it is better to avoid using words such as friend or friend in sentences and express yourself with other terms such as dear or man or woman, so as to make the other person perceive that something in you is changing.

Attentions: being particularly careful can be a very important step. Changing one’s attitude and behavioral habits towards the person we are interested in can make us see from another point of view. Giving small gifts can also be a good move, as long as they are different from the classic thoughts you would give your best friends.

Physical contact: in terms of interpersonal relationships and especially the friend zone, this aspect undergoes important changes. A very clear sign that can come from the other person are the caresses that it is important to indulge without damaging the sensitivity of the other person.

Patience: things, especially the most beautiful, come with time and extreme efforts. Nothing is given without effort. In the friend zone condition it is important not to speed up times but to take things calmly and know how to wait for the right moment , especially if the other person has just left a previous relationship.

Complicity: an unequivocal sign that things are turning in the right direction is the growing complicity in your relationship, understood as expressing the same emotions, the same concepts , finishing the sentences that the other has started. These are all signs that finally the exit from this state of limbo is taking place.

What if after all these precautions she still refuses you?

He’s probably not the right person for you.

But pining for these things doesn’t make sense, rather, you have to get up right away and find your soul mate .

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