5 things every true love relationship should have

You know, loving is not easy .

There can be, as in everything else, ups and downs. There are thousands of factors to take into consideration, but a few basic precautions are enough to make a relationship stable and happy. Here are the 5 main aspects to keep the pillars of a relationship intact .

1 – Adapt to the partner

One of the hardest things is to force yourself that changing the other person is impossible . Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible under any circumstances, but you can’t force your partner to change your behavior. This is because the other person would be obliged to lose his identity and perhaps, by changing this, also the aspects that made you fall in love.

Do you prefer a weekend by the sea and your partner a trip to the mountains? Instead of forcing or forcing yourself to do one of two things, look for a balance: perhaps choose once each what to do during the weekend.

For this it is necessary that in your relationship there is respect and a peaceful and healthy comparison in order to arrive at a common and shared plan.

2 – Listen and discuss constructively

It may seem strange, but arguing is sometimes good! P er learn to know each other better, it is important to understand the other’s personality and set limits and rules to the relationship to make it work better. This obviously implies that there is a constructive purpose , never having a warning or sanctioning purpose towards the other.

We must discuss to come to an agreement and learn together. It is essential to know how to listen, understand and propose ideas and solutions, putting yourself in the shoes of the partner to understand and find a solution to his needs.

3 – Give and receive, but without demanding

Who does not happen to be so much in love and give all of ourselves to the other person, perhaps even in situations where it is not absolutely necessary, without expecting or receiving anything in return?

This is a situation to be avoided as an imbalance in the balance leads to inattention and little respect from the partner.

So having a stable love relationship implies giving and receiving in the same way, without exaggerating. If this is not the case, it will begin to suffer and frustration will also appear . Be open to the other person, as long as you get the same treatment too.

4 – Love, but don’t depend on your partner

A common factor in many love stories is addiction to a loved one . This is one of the factors that should never be underestimated. The habit of always saying yes, or always seeking approval, will lead to situations of self- distrust and jealousy , as well as becoming oppressive for the partner as well.

It is therefore essential that no one coerces anyone. You have to leave and leave your space, especially to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

5 – Keep enthusiasm on 365 days a year

Love is a fire that must be sustained every day and the best way to do it is with small gestures . Little efforts to give attention and affection whenever possible.

A caress, a kiss, a message when you least expect it, sleeping embraced together and so on, are all small things but they have and give a lot of meaning to your relationship, strengthening it and creating stainless pillars .

Show your partner that this is one of the most important things in your life but, at the same time, let them prove it .

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