Get a Custom Car Appraisal to Protect Your Investment

While it’s loads of fun to own a custom car, you have to protect your investment, and a great way to do this is by getting a custom car appraisal. This can be helpful in many situations, and our knowledgeable team of appraisers are here to help you safeguard your car and money.

You should definitely get an appraisal on a custom car to get the right insurance coverage. Submit the appraisal to different insurance companies to locate the right policy with the best premiums. You can avoid having an insurance appraiser undervalue the vehicle. This often happens because they don’t know how to properly appraise customizations and modifications, or they don’t know what the latest comparable sales are. Our appraisers, on the other hand, have access to an extensive database of comparable sales.

If you’re in the middle of legal proceedings, an appraisal may be required and can be helpful in safeguarding your investment. You might want or need one for divorce proceedings, bankruptcies, financial audits, estate settlements, etc. Additionally, if you’re going to donate your car to charity, you will need an appraisal for tax purposes. An appraisal can help these proceedings go more smoothly and quickly.

You should also get an appraisal on a car if you are considering buying it. It could have many problems that need to be repaired or that would necessitate the lowering of the car’s price. The appraiser will examine the car you are thinking of purchasing very carefully, taking dozens of high-resolution photographs and many notes. They will then put the information into a report for you, of which you’ll receive both a digital and hardbound copy. A pre-purchase inspection is especially helpful if you live far from the vehicle or have little experience or knowledge of the particular vehicle you want to buy.

Finally, if you want to put your car up for sale, you should know its current condition and market value. An appraisal can help you know what to fix to increase its value and how much you can reasonably sell it for in its current condition. This helps you to sell the car more quickly.

A custom car appraisal is helpful in many circumstances, and it can prevent you from wasting time and money. You are ready to move forward confidently in buying, selling, getting insurance, and handling legal processes with an appraisal in-hand. Call us when you are ready for a professional appraiser to look at your vehicle.