Tips to Enjoy Anal Sex Without Any Concern and Mess

Straight men are alien to anal sex. There is a taboo that surrounds anal sex but gay people have been familiar with it for ages. Straight men can try this remarkable sexual practice. Wanting anal sex does not categorize you as bi or gay. It will never question a straight man’s sexuality. Heterosexual couples have been enjoying ‘pegging, which is a normal way of adding fresh excitement in their bedroom. 

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How to start with anal sex?

Start small and allow your anus to expand. Use fingers first and then small dildos. It can be painful at first but use plenty of lubrication and take the movement slowly until you get familiar with the feel of anal penetration. 

You may be concerned about getting messy but below are some tips to help you enjoy healthy anal sex.

  • The first rule of bottoming is to eat plenty of fiber because stools will not be runny but solid and compact. It will clean out easily. Make sure to drink plenty of water because lots of fiber can dehydrate you. 
  • Using enema and douching is not a healthy way to clean down there before sex. Many clean with water and fingers in the shower but a hose with smooth short nozzle and little warm water can clean thoroughly and deeply. 
  • Train butt with sex toys. Experienced people find anal prostate orgasm very intense, while several find the anal sphincter opening around a butt plug or penis or very erotic.  
  • The dildos you see in the sex toy stores can have a porous and rough texture. They can even be massive, which you possibly want the desire to penetrate your butt. These can be painful and your colon has delicate tissue lining, which can be punctured and torn easily. Choose smooth toys!
  • A good lube will make a huge difference. There are many products available. The one that works for Jack will not be fine for Sam, therefore experiment until you discover a favorite. 
  • Latex allergies are common, so if you find that your hole feels irritated badly, then switch to non-latex condoms.
  • Be less suspicious about poop, during anal sex pull out as this will make guys on top frustrated. Remember, it is butt sex, so there can be a point when traces of ass stuff sticks to the penis.
  • During anal sex, micro-fissures get formed. They may not be painful or bleed but are a gateway for transmission of HIV. Stop when you see blood. It means you may not have used plenty of lube or have gone very rough. It will heal soon but be smart and never push limits. Enjoy bottoming without any issues!
  • Be responsible for getting HIV tested every month even if you are careful. 
  • Fisting means inserting a whole hand inside the anus. Beginners can gasp but it is an erotic and intimate sex practice according to the people who have experienced. Fisting takes plenty of patience and slow practice with small objects and working up to larger sizes.