We Do More than Auto Appraisals: We Can Also Provide a Boat Appraisal

Your boat is a custom vehicle, just like anything with wheels, and it should be appraised by an independent appraiser. With a boat appraisal, you can get the right insurance policy, keep from selling it at the wrong price, and make the right choice if you want to buy a boat. All of our experienced appraisers are trained to appraise several types of vehicles, including boats.

You probably are out on your boat many times during the year when the weather is beautiful. It may seem like you’re in your boat as often as you’re in your car or house. Protecting your boat with an appraisal gives you the documentation to help you do so.

First, you can submit the information to several insurance companies when you have an appraisal. This helps you to locate the best policy with the right price. You’ll be showing the accurate market value of the boat to the insurance companies. This helps you avoid the likelihood of an appraiser from an insurance company incorrectly appraising your boat. Insurance appraisers typically don’t know very much about appraising boats or have access to an extensive database of comparable sales. However, that is not the case with our appraisers.

Our appraisers use their expertise and years of experience to correctly appraise all the vehicles they inspect. They use their knowledge to provide you with an accurate value for your boat.

If your boat is damaged through no fault of your own, you can file a diminished value claim with insurance company of the at-fault party. This will give you the difference in value between what the vehicle was worth before the damage and the new value after the accident. You can also include the price of the appraisal in your claim.

If you want to sell your boat, you probably want to do so quickly, and so you need to sell it at the right price. An appraisal can uncover any problems that need to be repaired before you put it on the market and helps you to sell it at the price it is actually worth.

During a boat appraisal, the appraiser examines the entirety of the boat and takes high-resolution photos and detailed notes of the boat’s condition. You’ll learn about any problems with the vehicle that should be repaired and which issues you can potentially use to negotiate the price of the vehicle down. A boat appraisal can save you a lot of money and hassle.

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